I recently had the privilege to visit the set of The To-Do List, and one of the actors we were able to speak with is Clark Gregg. The actor is quite busy lately, since he just flew back to L.A. from the Albuquerque set of The Avengers, where he plays S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Agent Coulson. He couldn't say much about the project, although he sung the praises of director Joss Whedon.

"I was in Albuquerque two days ago. There's almost nothing I can say, except that it's the funnest ensemble movie in the history of the planet, and that Joss Whedon is God."
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He also talked about life on the set, and how strange it is to be surrounded by all of these superheroes every day.

"You know, it's kind of bizarre to be in a comic book movie and a superhero movie, and to look across and... first of all, to try and have a serious conversation with a bunch of people with giant muscles, some real, some not, in neoprene, and they look very much like the people you've been reading in comics. It's hard to keep a straight face. On the other hand, to see those people and have it be Robert Downey Jr. or Samuel L. Jackson, a lot of Academy Award nominations out there, that's kind of remarkable. Unfortunately, a lot of times, very few of us were there at the same time. There was one or two weekends, when everybody was there, and there were some hilarious 'Avengers assemble' texts that went out, with the location of Avengers assemble being some very rowdy Albuquerque nightclubs. The English actor, Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, his line was, (in a fake English accent) 'I went to this marvelous place called Chilli's.'"

Clark Gregg revealed that he has wrapped filming on The Avengers' Albuquerque shoot, although he is returning for more shooting when they start production in Ohio. He also hinted that he might be down in San Diego this week for Comic-Con.

"You're talking about the Con. There may be a S.H.I.E.L.D. presence at the Con."

He also talked about the possibility of an Agent Coulson spin-off movie.

"You know, I certainly think it's a great idea. I'm just trying to get the Marvel guys as excited about it as I am. They seem to be weirdly more open to it. There's more talk about seeing Agent Coulson in some other mediums, lately, and I'm open to the idea."

The actor also talked about a new project he wrote and will be directing this fall entitled Trust Me, and another movie he's writing for Fox Searchlight and producer Curtis Hanson.

"I've been writing a project for Curtis Hanson at Fox Searchlight, just as a job, because I want to work with him. It seems to be going pretty well. I wrote a little movie called Trust Me, that I think we have financing for. I think it will be a lot of the same crew (as The To-Do List) if I can talk them into it. That will shoot in L.A. in October."

Clark Gregg also said he'll be acting in one of the main roles in Trust Me and joked that he may have a lot of other jobs on the set as well.

"I'm going to do a lot of jobs. I'm going to be doing hair and makeup. I'm going to be acting in one of the main roles. At this rate, probably. I will be making sandwiches, trying to learn my lines."

It seems that casting hasn't quite begun yet for Trust Me, although he may try to lure in a few of The Avengers for his new movie. Here's what he had to say below about calling in favors from other actors to be in a small-budget movie like Trust Me.

"It's a much bigger favor if they don't respond to the script, you know. 'Can you do this thing that you may be lukewarm about?' is a much tougher phone call. It's already a tough phone call, because they're going to be working on a budget like this, and be in a trailer that's the size of the commode in their normal trailer. Luckily, the script turned out pretty well, and my friends seem to be signing up to come be a part of it. I may work on an Avenger or two to show up. 'If you like this big movie...'"