Movie PictureIt’s on now. The so called surprise ending of Tim Burton’s {0} wasn't’t really a surprise to {1} director Kevin Smith, who’s Jay and Silent Bob comic sported an {2} of a monkeys head on the Lincoln memorial. According to {3}, Burton replied

On a very similar note, Killer Clowns from Outer Space is on DVD August 28th and we should be seeing a take home version of Attack of the Hungry Hungry Nipples veeerrryyy soon!!!

Snatch director Guy Ritchie has cast superstar diva/wife as the lead in his new crime/comedy/action/drama British flick The Mole. Hopefully we won’t be seeing a musical tie in.

Thanks to a $132 million gross, Entertainment Weekly reports Universal is pushing the makers of The Fast & The Furious to toss out a sequel that takes place directly after the end of the first one.

Have fun. ~Steve