Universal Pictures has brought on Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan to develop a widespread cinematic universe that will connect a number of the studio's classic monster franchises, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, The Wolf Man and many more.

It isn't clear yet if Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) and Chris Morgan (Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, Fast & Furious 7) will write the projects themselves, but the filmmakers will reportedly start scouring for talent soon to bring this massive initiative to life.

The studio has pulled from its extensive library for individual titles such as The Mummy, Van Helsing, The Wolfman and this fall's Dracula Untold, but this is the first time Universal wants to create a universe with all of the characters under the same cinematic roof.

The first project to launch this endeavor will be the Untitled Mummy Reboot, which is already set for release on April 22, 2016. Universal already has a Van Helsing reboot in development, which will likely be a part of this plan as well.

Ironically, it was Alex Kurtzman's former writing partner, Roberto Orci, who first teased the possibility of a monster movie universe back in an October interview. Here's what he had to say.

"There's an interesting thing that could happen at Universal where they have this amazing library of their old monsters and these kinds of heroes, and the idea of trying to create a universe."

Of course, this was months before Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci decided to part ways as collaborators, but before their split, they were both working on the Untitled Mummy Reboot and Van Helsing reboot for the studio.

Are you excited to see a Universal monster cinematic universe, similar to the highly-lucrative Marvel Cinematic Universe? Chime in with your thoughts below.