An upcoming biography of a historical figure is making way for a film project with an A-list star being planned for the lead. USA Today is reporting that producer Scott Rudin has optioned a new biography on Cleopatra with plans to turn it into a film starring Angelina Jolie.

The news came out of a luncheon to promote the book Cleopatra: A Life by Stacy Schiff where it was announced that Rudin had purchased the rights to the book and was developing a it as a film project. The site confirmed with Rudin's office that the project, "is being developed for and with Jolie."

The book's author, Schiff, told the site that, "Physically, she's the perfect look," when referring to Angelina Jolie portraying Cleopatra.

The Queen of the Nile is no stranger to Hollywood, with the 1917 silent version of Cleopatra along with the 1963 Cleopatra film, which starred Elizabeth Taylor.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further details on this new Cleopatra film as soon as we have more information.