Hey movie people! Not too much is happening in Hollywood these past couple days. That is, excluding the milestone that was javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute 25th anniversary party! Check out some of the industries most valued patrons eating pizza! And cake! Stop beating yourself up for not being there and relive the action javascript:void(0|HERE.

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Anyone who was cool enough to stay for the Dogma credits noticed a brief look into the future, as a quick scrolling sentence told avid audiences to watch for "Clerks 2: Hardly Clerkin." As many now know, any plans to make this film were tossed in order to make room for next months Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...until now. According to an Ain't It Cool interview with writer/director Smith, an animated feature will be gracing theaters hopefully in the next year or two.

Following the success of his new book, cult B-movie superstar Bruce Campbell reports that his sci-fi western TV show Brisco County Jr. is gonna be released on video thanks to the kind folks at Columbia House!

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Poor Quentin. Mr. Tarantino's Jackie Brown follow up, Kill Bill, will have to be held off for a good 9 months or so, as lead character Uma Thurman is pregnant! While usually recasting would be a smart idea in a situation like this, Uma has already gone through 8 months of martial arts training, plus the fact that the part was written specifically for her. To make matters worse, his Adam Sandler WWII movie will have to be held off as well, since P.T. Anderson is already using him in his next project.

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