Another star from the original movie is returning for Clerks 3, as Marilyn Ghigliotti has announced her casting in the upcoming sequel. In the original Clerks, Ghigliotti starred as Dante's girlfriend Veronica - the one who brings him lasagna at work, not the one who sleeps with a dead guy in the bathroom.

On Friday, Marilyn Ghigliotti posted a series of photos on Facebook of a reunion with her Clerks co-stars, and in the caption, the actress confirms she will be reprising the role of Veronica in the new movie. She also explains how Smith revealed her casting to her during the photo shoot, with the photographer catching her genuine excitement. From the Facebook post:

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"You've all been asking and I've been sitting on this since I found out because I needed to track down and wait for this series of photos. While at Comic-Con LA, Kevin Smith was at the Legion M booth and had a contest with Jay and Silent Bob cosplayers. Once done with photos with that he had Brian O'Halloran, Jay Mewes and myself get in front of the Quick Stop to take photos. At one point he said, "Everyone hold up three fingers." Stupidly I thought he meant the crowd and then I realized oh he means us. While holding up 3 fingers my expression started to change as realization sunk in and I turned to him and asked if that meant I was in Clerks III. To which he nodded yes. Let's just say my excitement was heard throughout the floor with how loud I yelled. Lol Thank you Kevin Smith, I am beyond thrilled."

Featured prominently on the Clerks poster, Veronica is one of the most important characters of the original movie. She has many memorable scenes and moments in the classic comedy, forever changing the way some people think of the number '37.' Unfortunately for Dante, the aloof clerk doesn't realize how good things are with Veronica before setting up a date with his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Bree, played by Lisa Spoonauer. This results in Veronica dumping Dante by the end of the movie, and the sequel reveals they apparently never got back together. It will be interesting for fans to see an on-screen reunion of the former lovers in Clerks III, but as Spoonauer passed away in 2017, she sadly won't be able to join them in the sequel as well, though she previously reprised the role of Caitlin for an episode of Clerks: The Animated Series.

Also coming back for the sequel from the original movie are writer-director Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, Jason Mewes as Jay, Brian O'Halloran as Dante Hicks, and Jeff Anderson as Randal Graves. In the past, Smith's plans to develop Clerks III stalled when Anderson refused to come on board, perhaps unhappy with the screenplay Smith had previously written. After a recent reunion between the two, Smith pitched an entirely new concept to Anderson, which finally convinced the actor to get on board for the sequel. Smith has since revealed that the new story is based on his real-life heart attack, with Randal suffering a near-fatal heart attack of his own in the beginning of Clerks III. Realizing he's been wasting his life working in a video store, Randal convinces Dante they should make a movie about themselves called Clerks.

This news comes fresh after the release of Smith's latest movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Spoofing the remake and reboot trend Hollywood has been working with in the modern era of cinema, the movie is essentially a reboot of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, complete with a similar storyline and many returning characters. Without giving too much away about the scene, Ghigliotti does have an appearance in the movie, though not necessarily as Veronica. A who's who of other familiar faces from previous Smith movies appear in the sequel as well, including Ben Affleck, who apparently hadn't been on good terms with Smith for many years.

There's no tentative release date set for Clerks III just yet, but it's nice to know the long-awaited sequel is finally actually happening. Clerks II was fun, but it will be nice to give Dante, Randal, and even Veronica some proper closure by capping off the trilogy with them back at the Quick Stop where they're forever destined to remain. This news comes to us from Marilyn Ghigliotti on Facebook.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
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