We still have much to learn about Clerks 3, which Kevin Smith now seems determined to make. But at the very least, the soundtrack is probably going to rock, literally, as former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way is set to provide the score for the movie. For anyone who has been keeping on Way's career in his post-MCR years, this seems like a perfect match, considering his sensibilities, and considering what this franchise is.

According to a new report, Kevin Smith made the reveal during a recent stop on the Reboot Roadshow, his current tour which sees him making his way around the country to screen Jay and Silent Bob Reboot with Jason Mewes, which also includes a Q&A session after the movie. During said Q&A, the news was dropped on the audience. Unfortunately, for the time being, few additional details have been made available and Gerard Way has yet to weigh in himself, but this will make the first time that the emo rocker will score a movie soundtrack. Though, he is highly qualified. That much is certain.

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Gerard Way spent years as the frontman of My Chemical Romance before moving on to release his first solo album, Hesitant Alien, in 2014. Way has since developed a highly successful comic book career. Way was going down that path before his music career took off, as he actually had an internship at DC Comics before MCR became his main gig. Way's comic book credits include Killjoys, Doom Patrol and The Umbrella Academy, which has since been turned into a hit series by Netflix. Way did provide a couple of songs for the show, including a cover of The Turtles' Happy Together.

Clerks 3 has been kicking around, in some for another, for years. Clerks 2, the sequel to Kevin Smith's beloved directorial debut, was released in 2006. Following Kevin Smith's heart attack last year, he decided to finally make Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. But that journey provided him with a new idea for the finale to his trilogy, which is inspired by his real-life health scare. The general idea is that Randal (Jeff Anderson) has a heart attack and decides that he's done nothing with his life, so he wants to make a movie. So he and Dante (Brian O'Halloran) band together to make Clerks. Indeed, a very meta approach.

Given that Kevin Smith is a known comic book lover and infuses that into his movies, it makes every bit of sense to have a guy like Gerard Way work on Clerks 3. Also, not for nothing, but Way did provide a song for Smith's Tusk, O Waly, Waly. So there is something of an existing relationship there. At present, there is no word on how soon Clerks 3 could get underway, but Smith needs to wrap up the Reboot Roadshow first, which runs through February 2020. This news was previously reported by Slashfilm.