During Kevin Smith's latest podcast Randal Reflects, the filmmaker revealed that his long-awaited sequel Clerks III will start production this coming June, while he offered new details alongside Jeff Anderson, who will reprise his role as Randall.

We reported last month that the sequel finally has financing locked down, thanks to the success of Kevin Smith's new thriller Tusk. Just last February, though, the filmmaker said he planned on telling this story as a book or a Broadway play. When asked about his thoughts on Clerks becoming a stage show, Jeff Anderson claims that Kevin Smith wanted him to do the play so he could win a Tony Award.

"Who the f*ck is Tony? Why do I want him?!? There was a lot of things going around. I was hearing stuff. It's gonna be a play . . . last I heard it was gonna be a diorama. The only way it would work as a play is if Neil Patrick Harris plays Randall and Glenn Close plays Dante."

When asked about the script for Clerks III, which Kevin Smith finished writing last May, Jeff Anderson had this to say.

"I like the script. It's being introduced to these characters that are friends. Friends of mine. Friends of ours. Whether or not I was going to do the movie, I wanted to read the script. Just for closure for myself! F*ck the fans, I just wanna know! Yeah, it's a very different movie and that's what I like about it. Clerks II was a very different movie from 1, but it wasn't THAT different.Clerks III . . . still not THAT different, but different in a different way. Different, different, different, different. Clerks to me was a gritty movie. Clerks II became this brighter movie. Clerks III to me feels somewhere between 1 and 2. It feels a little gritty and we go back to the beginning stages, but we do see the progression."

Kevin Smith also confirmed that the first 10 minutes of the sequel are in black-and-white, just like his original 1994 classic Clerks.

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"The first ten minutes are in black and white. We do enough black and white that kinda makes sense. But I like where [the story] f*cking goes so much. It's my favorite soap opera now. It's kinda like The Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks movies. It doesn't tell the middle story, but it has that kinda feeling."

When asked how much Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) are in the sequel, Kevin Smith had this to say.

"They're in the movie as much as they were in Clerks and Clerks II"

Kevin Smith revealed in July that Clerks III will be shot after the final part of his True North trilogy, Anti-Claus. The filmmaker is currently shooting the second installment, Yoga Hosers.