Kevin Smith is teasing the return of Clerks: The Animated Series, revealing in a recent update on the project that he's planning to begin the pitching process for a reboot. In the year 2000, ABC aired just two episodes of the cult classic cartoon series before yanking it off the air, ending the show's first and only season prematurely. All six episodes of the animated series were later released on DVD with great fanfare, and the cartoon has only grown in popularity in subsequent years. Now, after twenty years, it appears we're closer than ever to seeing new episodes of Clerks: The Animated Series finally happen.

Speaking with Chris Killian of in a new interview this week, Kevin Smith touched on the current state of the entertainment industry, noting how networks and streaming services are in need of new content. "Right now, animation is the business to be in," Smith says, as live-action productions have been shut down across the board. This makes the timing even more perfect for Smith to pitch a Clerks: The Animated Series revival, as animated shows can still be worked on at home. "So that's one of the reasons we're gonna try to go pitch rebooting the Clerks cartoon, man," Smith notes in the interview. "We got all the designs done. We just... start making new episodes. Let's do it!"

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Smith has previously teased a return of Clerks: The Animated Series, and this includes an interesting announcement from the filmmaker posted on social media last year. In the post, Smith says the View Askew team felt "vindicated" when a joke from the cartoon show's pilot was later reused for a gag on an episode of Arrested Development. "But not as vindicated as we'd all feel if the show came back to life for its 20th anniversary next year," Smith curiously added, teasing a potential return this year. Now that we're weeks away from the 20th anniversary of the day ABC first aired the series, it appears Smith is moving forward with his plans to bring the show back.

In addition to the cartoon series, Smith is also planning to revisit the live-action pairing of Dante and Randal as well. While staying at home in recent weeks, Smith has been working on the screenplays for new sequels he's been looking to make for years. After recently wrapping up the screenplay for Twilight of the Mallrats, Smith says he is also working on the script for a third Clerks movie. In 2019, Smith revealed that Clerks star Jeff Anderson was finally on board to reprise his role as Randal Graves after years of refusing to do the sequel, finally opening the door for Smith to move forward on making Clerks 3 a reality.

With Smith and company on board and as the timing couldn't be any better with the 20th anniversary of Clerks: The Animated Series fast approaching, it appears we're getting very close to finally getting some new episodes. If the project comes to fruition, hopefully its second run will last a bit longer than six episodes this time. Smith's words quoted above come from an interview with, and you can watch the complete interview in the Instagram post below.