Moviehole recently chatted with film legend Albert S. Ruddy, producer of Clint Eastwood's Million Dollar Baby and the Burt Reynolds comedy classic The Cannonball Run, just to name a few. And the man dropped a hint about Eastwood's next film as both an actor and a director, which is entitled Remembering Mark Twain.

Ruddy told Moviehole:

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''I'm doing another movie with Clint in the spring called "Remembering Mark Twain". He's directing the movie, and he's gonna bookend the movie playing Samuel Clemens in the hospital. It's a really sweet, beautiful movie. So that's what I'm all about!''

To read the entire interview with Ruddy, where he takes about his films The Cannonball Run, Megaforce (which has been rumored for a remake by Matt Stone and Trey Parker for quite some time), and Raging Fury, a film he is doing with Jet Li, click here.

At this time, Remembering Mark Twain does not have a set release date, but it may be an Oscar contender next year, in case Gran Torino doesn't work out in favor of Eastwood this year.