Bloody Disgusting recently talked with Clive Barker about the Hellraiser remake. It seems that the project is moving forward with Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury set to direct.

Barker stated, "I will watch over two Frenchmen who will remake it and only because I think they are two very splendid young men who made a fucking great movie. I like them both. I like the movie INSIDE. It's very good, very bloody and they are very nice smart guys who have a commitment to the original movie."

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He continued, saying, "I think it's all the more reason that they remake it; that they don't take my version of the story. I had some specific suggestions, which I don't want to spoil for you or anyone else, about how things might be taken up a notch or two. And you know S&M just isn't what it used to be! So if we're to do the whips and chains and the hooks we have to do them at a whole new level because I thinks its tired material."

About Doug Bradley returning as Pinhead, Barker claimed, "I wish I knew. I don't think they even know at this stage."

The film will be released sometime in 2008.