If you’ve seen them, you remember them: Tortured Souls Action Figures, the bastard stepchildren of a collaboration between Hellraiser writer/director Clive Barker and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane (aka the most disturbing action figures ever made). In the theme of the goriest parts of the Hellraiser saga, these crazy toys basically depicted freaky things in freaky predicaments (like a guy being hung via hooks by his face-skin). So freaky, in fact, that many toy distributors (WalMart and what not) refused to sell them. So with parents scared and Christian groups not having anything more important to complain about, the next natural step would be to make a movie, right? Right.

Adding on to what will hopefully become a gore movie trend, Universal Pictures has struck a 3 picture deal with Todd McFarlane Entertainment and Seraphim Films, in hopes that the first Tortured Souls flick will be out as soon as this year. In the mean time, keep an eye out for Tortured Souls 2: Fallen – hitting selective toy stores and satanic cult outlets this fall.

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Have fun. ~Steve