Clone Wars: Genndy Tartakovsky has talked to the official Star Wars newsletter about the upcoming Clone Wars cartoon series hitting the Cartoon Network this fall.

"Clone Wars fits in my day here and there, as with everything else," he says. "Luckily 'Samurai Jack' is just ending up. I finished the last storyboard in December. So, slowly, Star Wars just took over. I'll still be doing post-production on 'Samurai Jack' until the very end of Star Wars, and we'll be done Star Wars by late summer."

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Many of the talents that helped mold "Samurai Jack" into the success that it is will be working on Clone Wars, says the Star Wars Homing Beacon. "We're a pretty slim crew, because I wanted it to have more of a personal touch, so it doesn't get too huge," he says. "We have the Art Director Paul Rudish, who is doing all the main designs. The way he draws is the look of the show. We have Dave Dunnet, who is doing the background designs. Scott Wills, who is the background painter from 'Samurai Jack.' He's doing all the paintings.

'It's basically all the same people that did 'Jack,' except for a couple of new ones here and there. We have this guy from Oregon, Michel Gagne, and he's doing all the effects designs. I wanted all the effects to be really stylized and specific, so it feels more nurtured. He's going to design them all and animate a lot of them himself."

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