Star Wars Clones Cartoon: Both Ain't it Cool and The have posted some rumors that have gotten Star Wars fans excited. It seems that Lucasfilm is in the process of creating a show for the Cartoon Network based the Clone Wars, which Attack Of The Clones climatic end battle started. Since the series is supposedly being created by Lucasfilm is could be in fact a CGI based series instead of a typical animated series.

Here's Ain't it Cool's scoop as it came from a spy deep within inside of Lucasfilm:

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There have been top secret meetings between Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network, and they are in ADVANCE DISCUSSIONS to do an immense animated series called CLONE WARS. The time frame is still being discussed as either starting the year before Episode 3 hits theaters, or the Summer of Episode 3. Lucas is negotiating for a huge 50-60 episode order!!!

In a follow-up report, The took it one step further in confirming some details of their own:

Lucasfilm created a pilot episode of the series and took it to the Cartoon Network recently for a pitch meeting. Our source was not yet able to find out who created the pilot episode, find out who wrote it, or find out what the Cartoon Network's response to the meeting was.

Stay tuned Lights Out for more on this story...~Brian

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