Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Cartoon:Star recently announced a Star Wars cartoon based on the 'Clone Wars'. The cartoon is coming to the Cartoon Network in 2003-2004:

Picking up where Episode II left off, the saga of the Clone Wars will continue through animated shorts premiering this year from the Cartoon Network and Lucasfilm Ltd. Star Wars: Clone Wars will be a series of 20 animated shorts that will air on the Cartoon Network in 2003-2004 between other programming.

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Helming this new series is Genndy Tartakovsky (see Three-Minute Epics: A Look at Star Wars: Clone Wars), the acclaimed creator of "Samurai Jack" and "Dexter's Laboratory." The episodic shorts will be two- to three-minutes in length and will air exclusively on Cartoon Network at regularly scheduled times beginning this fall.

The epic Clone Wars dominated the final years of the Galactic Republic, as Jedi-led clone troopers battled against the evil forces of the Separatists. Joining already established Star Wars characters in the series will be several new and ruthless adversaries.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}"We are incredibly excited to be working with Lucasfilm in creating an animated story that extends one of the world's most beloved entertainment properties," said Sam Register, senior vice president of development for Cartoon Network. "Cartoon Network's creative team will work hand-in-hand with Lucasfilm to make sure that our common vision for Clone Wars thrills Star Wars fans around the world."

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Troy:IGN Filmforce reports that Leonardo DiCaprio has been set in Wolfgang Petersen's sights to star in the epic tale. For more on the unconfirmed rumor, CLICK HERE

King Arthur:IGN Filmforce has some unconfirmed rumors revolving around the casting details of the proposed King Arthur: Among the rumorsn comes Clive Owen's name to star as king. For more, CLICK HERE

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Daredevil: Producer, Gary Foster, told Comics Continuum about the possibility of a sequel to the comic-based action film:

"We're very happy with things," Foster told The Continuum on Monday morning. "DD2 moves ahead, as does Elektra. Too early to know what goes first, but we are certainly going to get scripts going. All the cast, except Colin (Farrell, who played Bullseye), are signed up for sequel."

The Last Samurai:Stuff recently spoke with Bill Connolly about his role in The Last Samurai, among other things:

Connolly, who plays Sergeant Zebulah Gant, a close friend of Cruise's character, Captain Nathan Algren, in The Last Samurai, also thought it was a huge joke to discover many Taranaki folk were more keen to see him on the street than superstar Cruise.

"It was in a newspaper I read. I couldn't believe my eyes. Tom would be the same as me. He just wanders around the place. He's a very nice guy," Connolly said.

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Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban: A massive set report is online at The Leaky Cauldron. CLICK HERE

Pirates Of The Caribbean: The movie has gotten a new name according to Dark Horizons: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl" is the film's new title because the studio didn't want to confuse the film with the ride.

Ocean's Twelve: George Clooney recently spoke with Yahoo! Movies about the progress of casting for the sequel to Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve:

"As far as it looks most of the guys are back. I don't know, you know there were some guys who were sort of specific to that storyline that may or may not be back, I'm not quite sure about that one, but hopefully I think everybody's down for it," he said, adding "We've all sort of set time in our schedule aside for it."

The Hulk: Your first look at the shooting script is up at Ain't It Cool News. CLICK HERE

Bringing Down The House:Latino Review has new images up from the upcoming comedy. CLICK HERE

Halloween 9: You make one film. You make two films...why not make 9 films? Moviehole sent us an unconfirmed rumor that a 9th Halloween movie might be in the works:

Those "Halloween" fans will be happy. The rumored"Halloween 9" has just been greenlit, with the studio now on the hunt for a director, writer and cast. According to an insider at Moviehole, the film will be released in time for Summer 2004. "Halloween Resurrection" may have only done moderate business but Miramax are apparently confident enough to unleash another sequel - and are determined not to see the franchise be a direct to video offering.

In addition, WhatDVD has this to say about the plot:

"It will be set two years after Resurrection and involve the old "movie within a movie" plot. Apparently it goes something like this : a director makes a film based on Mike Myers bloody activities, but Mr Halloween himself - who has escaped from the morgue - is none too pleased about it and decides to chop up those responsible (everyone's a critic)".

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