Movie lovers have been going wild trying to decipher the trailer they saw just before Transformers over the last week. The film has no name, but so far it's been called Cloverfield and 1-18-08. Well, as sparse as the info is around the web, this much we do know...

- The film revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people

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- It's being produced by J.J. Abrams

- It is being directed by Matt Reeves, who co-created Felicity

The beginning of the madness started with this...

Recently, everal sites launched in relation to the film...

Contains 2 photos which are draggable around your screen. One photo with a small group of people at a party. Photo taken at 12:01AM. The other, a shot of two frightened girls loking upward, taken at 12:36AM, 35 minutes aftyer the first shot.{@IMG:j3wWrjhVRnv75Rdzqn5wiTBfa24mzX|Movie [email protected]} Contains the ramblings of a blogger which apparently is claiming that the prophet that is Ethan Haas, is a false one. "His prophet Ethan Haas was nothing more than a raving lunatic long forgotten by history. Mantra's website EthanHaasWasRight is a foolish attempt to capture the short attention of today's youth in an attempt to breath new life into the visions of a long dead fool."{@IMG:U54kMa0DoNltx6zgHm5uy9w6UN4Xhr|Movie [email protected]} The third site, setup to test viewers puzzle skills, eventually unlocks a set of 5 video messages from Ethan Haas himself. Watch them below.{@IMG:sI5oztTHyLV7bidIA7jQhmUEVRwNTV|Movie [email protected]}If anyone has any insight, please comment!

Ethan Haas Message #1

Ethan Haas Message #2

Ethan Haas Message #3

Ethan Haas Message #4

Ethan Haas Message #5