In a move that, for totally different reasons, is both surprising and not all that surprising, Paramount Pictures has once again delayed Cloverfield 3. The third movie in the Cloverfield universe, which was, at least at one point, titled God Particle, will now arrive in theaters on April 20. In its new release date, it's going to be going directly up against several other major releases, which could see the movie get buried at the box office.

Cloverfield 3 was set to arrive on February 2, but we haven't seen a single poster, trailer or anything official from the movie. So releasing it in just a month didn't seem overly realistic. Granted, 10 Cloverfield Lane came out of nowhere, with the first trailer debuting just a handful of weeks prior to the release. So it wasn't too crazy to assume Paramount was just going to surprise us all again. But now it's starting to feel like maybe they have no idea what to do with the movie at all.

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Originally, the third Cloverfield movie was given a February 24, 2017, release date, before Paramount bumped the J.J. Abrams produced movie to October 27, 2017. Then, it was moved to the February 2 date and now, it's been bumped yet again. The movie is directed by Julius Onah and sees "a team of astronauts make a shocking discovery and end up fighting for survival." The cast for Cloverfield 3 includes David Oyelowo (Interstellar), John Krasinski (The Office), Elizabeth Debicki (The Man From U.N.C.L.E.), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond the Lights), Chris O'Dowd (Thor: The Dark World), Ziyi Zhang (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), and Daniel Bruhl (Captain America: Civil War).

In its new release date, Cloverfield 3 has some very serious competition. Primarily, Dwayne Johnson's Rampage is also slated to come out on April 20 and has the makings of a massive summer blockbuster. There's also the long-awaited Super Troopers 2 finally hitting theaters on that date as well and, not for nothing, but the Overboard remake, which stars Anna Faris, is also coming out that day. That makes for a very crowded weekend at the box office and it's hard to imagine that the new Cloverfield movie will be able to make as much money with so many other options.

Is it possible that this movie just isn't very good and that's why Paramount keeps delaying it? At some point, that thought has to become a bit of a reality. Rarely do we see studios delay good movies this many times. Another interesting thing of note is that, in Variety's report, they're saying that the movie is still called God Particle. But prior to its release, 10 Cloverfield Lane was called The Cellar, so we're still likely to get a title change before Cloverfield 3 actually arrives.