In recent weeks, creepy clown sightings all over the country have been dominating the conversation on Social Media. Initially, these sightings were thought to possibly be viral marketing for an upcoming movie, but when the sightings started to spread, it was clear this was something more. It is definitely getting out of hand, but some police officers in New York have enlisted the help of an expert; Batman.

The Fairport Police Department made a post to their official Facebook page today to declare that the Caped Crusader himself is helping to keep citizens safe in their city tonight. Given Batman's history with creepy clowns, namely The Joker, he definitely seems like the right expert to bring in for this unique situation. Here is what the post had to say.

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"BREAKING NEWS FROM FAIRPORT! The Fairport Police have received a lead in the Crazy Clown epidemic that has been gripping the nation. We have received information that these clowns are the henchmen of . . . you guessed it . . . the Joker. Since verifying this new information, the Fairport Police Department have recruited the assistance of America's Favorite Caped Crusader, BATMAN! Batman has been given a Fairport Police Uniform and Police Car to be on patrol in the Fairport area on alert for any suspicious activity. Please call 911 if you observe anything suspicious and we will signal Batman from atop the Village Hall where the blue light shines. Have a safe and Happy Halloween from the members of the Fairport Police Department."

It is clear that the officers in Fairport are trying to accomplish a couple of things here. For one, it is obvious that this post isn't meant to be taken literally. It is Halloween and some residents of the town may have some reservations given some of these creepy clown sightings of late. This is a way for them to put some of their citizens' minds at ease. Also, anytime you get to dress a guy up like The Caped Crusader and put him in a cop car, it is kind of a win for everyone involved.

This all started a couple of months ago when there were reports of people dressed as clowns showing up near parks and apartment complexes in North and South Carolina. According to the reports, men dressed in clown costumes were being spotted in the woods, but they weren't doing anything illegal, just being super creepy. Things spread, with reports coming from all around the country over the past couple of months and it has made some people very uneasy to say the least. Fortunately, no real violence has come as a result of this creepy clown epidemic.

Outside of the Fairport Police Department, a group in the U.K. also utilized Batman to scare away some of these creepy clowns. Not all heroes wear capes, but in this case, they apparently do. Horror icons like Stephen King and John Carpenter have stepped in to weigh in on the issue and McDonald's even had to retire the use of Ronald McDonald temporarily, because of the negative PR surrounding clowns. The Fairport Police, and also Batman, have had enough. You can check out the Facebook post for yourself below and be sure to check our site for the 13 scariest clown movies of all time this Halloween.