Some call the recent outbreak of Creepy Clown Sightings scary. Others are oblivious. Some are using it as an excuse to watch clown porn. And there are those who believe it is nothing more than a distraction from the current presidential election, which arguably has two well-known clowns at it's center. We've heard iconic horror author Stephen King's thoughts on the trend. But what does John Carpenter think? Well, he thinks it's all kinds of dumb.

That's right. The man behind perhaps the scariest movie of all time, the original 1978 Halloween, calls these clown sightings 'idiotic'. He hates the idea that people are running around with chainsaws, scaring people. Though, to be fair, the only word we've heard about that is in regards to Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights, where Purge Clowns are chasing people with chainsaws. However unnerving that may be, it's in a contained environment and the people in attendance are paying to be scared.

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John Carpenter shared his thoughts about the creepy Clown Sightings with Evening Standard. And it's clear that he's not having any of it. If someone wants to be scared, they should pay the ticket price and know what they're getting into. He goes onto explain this, describing a horrible chainsaw injury he saw in a hospital.

""It's getting ridiculous. These people are idiots. I guess I understand what they're trying to do in trying to scare people, but it's not right to run at people with a chainsaw. That's not funny - it's dangerous. I was visiting a friend in the emergency room and the curtain parted next to me, and this guy had been using a chainsaw on a tree stump and it hit something and bounced into his face. He was just about alive but man he was in pain. They were working on him trying to clean up the wound. Kids should put the chainsaws down. It's a really scary world were living in."

What it all boils down to is that these clowns shouldn't be giving their scares away for free. But when you purchase a ticket to a sprawling Haunted House, Maze or movie, you expect the unexpected and that takes a little bit of the sheen off the scare. in the case of the creepy clown sightings, it's completely out of the blue and not expected, which is proven to get your heart rate going faster than the latest Japanese ghost flick.

The clown sightings have stretched across Eastern America, and have even plagued the U.K., where a man dressed as Batman has decided to take care of the problem. They haven't started to break out across the West Coast yet, but give it time. So far there have been over a dozen arrests related to the clown sightings, one murder and McDonalds had to officially sideline poor Ronald McDonald until this all glazes over. Is it tied into the presidential election, to help take a few eyes off it? Is it aliens or demons? Is it just a couple of jokers imitating other jokers, imitating other jokers? There is no clear cut answer as of now. And as we make it through the weekend, leading up to Halloween, it's clear that we'll continue to hear more about them. Perhaps the big answer will arrive this October 31st? Until then, lock your doors, hide your kids, and stay out of the forest at night.