Sharknado ain't got nothing on the storm that is about to be unleashed by Extreme Entertainment. Today, they have dropped the first gore-filled trailer for Clownado, a torrential downpour of gruesome sights that will have you scared of killer clowns all over again.

Clownado arrives from writer and director Todd Sheets, who is no stranger to the horror genre. His goal with Clownado is to deliver a good, scary, splatter-infused roller coaster ride that is filled with loop-de-loops all the way to the end. It promises something new, fresh, original and unique. Yet, there is a very familiar sense of dread lingering around it's upper ribcage.

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In turning Clownado into a true cult contender, Sheets has used only practical special make-up effects, and he is utilizing an old school VFX ethos that will have you fondly remembering such classics as Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Bad Taste and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He is obviously enamored with Sam Raimi, Tobe Hooper and Peter Jackson, which comes across in the trailer. He is also a fan of Lucio Fulci and Italian zombie flicks, if you couldn't quite tell.

This all makes for the perfect storm of swirling insanity. Add in some supernatural clowns and a bit of film noir, you've got something even Ronald McDonald wouldn't touch, and he eats a Big Mac everyday for lunch. So you know he's got a stomach made of steel and bugs.

Todd Sheets has over 40 directing credits to his name, so you know he's no stranger to this playground. He got his start in the mid-80s directing schlocky direct-to-VHS stompers that will leave you unnerved if you ever unearth them for yourself. Lately, he's garnered attention for his unique horror endeavors Bonehill Road and Dreaming Purple Neon.

On the acting side of things, Sheets has pulled in cult legend Linnea Quigley, who has begun a quiet resurrengce as of late. She just appeared in Sheets' werewolf thriller BoneHill Road, and she has a bunch of other crazy projects on the horizon, like Blood Wings, 315 Wicked Way and Camp Twilight. She's one of the original 80s scream queens, perhaps best known for playing the topless zombie Trash in Return of the Living Dead. Her resume is a thing of legend, and she can't be touched. It's pretty exciting to see her take on a lead role in a killer clown movie.

Joining her in this blood-soaked romp is Eileen Dietz, Julie Anne Prescott, Dilynn Fawn Harvey, Millie Milan and Joel D. Wynkoop. The blistering trailer opens with the wind whipping and rain pouring as a tornado threatens to wipe out homes and livestock. An ominous warning screams, 'There is no shelter from this storm.' Then all hell breaks loose.

Blood flows as the evil clowns make their first appearance, killing anything in their path. Flesh is ripped, bones are broken, and teeth are bared. There's even some intestine-eating. It will all leave you crying 'What the hell is going on?' That's a good question. You can find out for yourself, if you have the guts, in this first trailer delivered by Extreme Entertainment. They certainly can't be accused of false advertising.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange