As if the real-life clown scare of 2016 wasn't enough, here's Clowntergeist to further fuel your clown nightmares. Clowns are all the rage right now. We've got the remake of Stephen King's IT coming this fall and that might be all that you can stand, but there are few more scary clown thrillers coming this fall. News broke earlier of a Blair Witch Project style clown movie that is based off of the real-life events of the great clown scare of 2016 and now there's Clowntergeist coming in to perform something different from the previously mentioned movies.

Clowntergeist as you might be able to tell, is supposed to be a scary clown movie mixed with Poltergeist, so maybe IT meets Poltergeist? The movie revolves around a college student named Emma who has an intense phobia of clowns (and really, who doesn't?) who comes into contact with, you guessed it, a clown. But this isn't any normal creepy clown. There's an evil demon within this particular clown who decides to terrorize Emma's town, sending out balloons with the exact time and date that he will return to kill people. Emma gets into a battle against the clock when she finds out that she only has two days left to live.

Clowntergeist might be perfect for a night of friends trying to one-up each other with the worst movies that they can find, but it could also quite possibly be only marginally terrible. Drinking games might be created to see how far into the movie viewers can get, for instance if you make it to 30 minutes, you can have a shot or five. If you watch the whole thing, you can drink the whole bottle to forget what you just watched. Again, I might be way off base on this one. The poster does look pretty cool, if you're into that sort of thing.

The poster for Clowntergeist boasts "The Reason you're Afraid of Clowns." Now that's a pretty bold statement because it looks like it may be able to cure people's phobia of clowns from the use of comedy. Maybe Clowntergeist can be used by professionals to permanently rid a person of their phobia of creepy clowns after IT comes out in September. This movie can be the therapy we all need after watching IT and dealing with the clownageddon of last year.

The release date for Clowntergeist has not been officially announced, but it's safe to say that it will be on a streaming service near you this fall to monopolize on Halloween and the remake of IT. It can't be a coincidence that Clowntergeist is coming out around the same time as IT, I refuse to believe that. But these guys at least get points for coming out with a brilliant, original name that has yet to be used. So Clowntergeist has that going for it, which is good. Maybe a double feature of this and Tsunambee is in order? The ultimate drinking game may have just been born...Until then check out the poster thanks to the Castle Rock Asylum Twitter, along with the trailer that dropped back in January.

Clowntergeist Poster
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick