Universal Pictures must have wizened up and realized that the original 1985 Clue board game adaptation was a substantial flop, and that here, some twenty odd years later, people still aren't clamoring for a big screen version of this elementary school mystery. The Studio has officially dropped Clue 2012 (Is it a remake? Is it a reboot? Is it it's own thing? Who knows?) from their roster.

Universal had originally planned to turn seven Hasbro board game properties into movies within a six year span of time, but this is the third proposed project in the bunch to fall to the wayside after Universal also kicked Monopoly and Magic, The Gathering to the curb.

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None of these upcoming adaptations are dead, mind you. They're just not at Universal anymore. Hasbro still has Gore Verbinski attached to write and direct a new big screen version of Clue, which will expand the mystery on a global scale. Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama are currently penning the screenplay.

Clue is being financed by Hasbro as the property looks for a new studio, and its quite possible that it could wind up back at Universal Pictures before all is said and done. Universal is currently focusing on the last four board game adaptations in its stable, which include next summer's Battleship, as well as big screen versions of Candy Land, Stretch Armstrong, and the horror-themed family thriller Ouija.

If any or all of those projects pull in big numbers at the box office, you can expect to see Clue trailing behind. Lets just hope they're smart enough to pull Tim Curry and Michael McKean back into the fold when the time comes.