One of the most well-known comedies from the '90s is undoubtedly Clueless. The movie resonated with audiences at the time, and over two decades later, it's still constantly quoted by viewers who grew up with it. As one of the most memorable films of its era, even those who never watched it are still widely aware of it, and it's still considered to be a favorite. Now, the time has apparently come for a modern-day reboot, as Tracy Oliver (Girls Trip) will be producing an all-new Clueless reboot, with a script from Marquita Robinson Glow.

Written and directed by Amy Heckerling, the original Clueless provides a comedic take on high school with an all-star cast including Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd, Breckin Meyer, and Jeremy Sisto. Silverstone portrays central character Cher Horowitz, a well-intentioned but "clueless" teenager looking to balance her hopeless love life and her relationship with her wealthy father (Dan Hedaya). The film is widely considered a cult classic and remains one of the most memorable movies from its era, so the only surprising part about the film getting a reboot is really that it took this long to happen.

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While this will be the only feature film follow-up to Clueless, the movie has had its spinoffs in other mediums as well. In 1996, an official TV series debuted, which featured several of the stars of the film reprising their roles (excluding Silverstone, who was replaced with Rachel Blanchard). The show ended up running for one season on ABC, later moving to UPN to air two additional seasons. A paperback book series was also released in the late '90s, which wound up producing 21 novels for young-adult readers. Additionally, a stage musical version of Clueless is on the way as well, with the Off-Broadway show set to begin on Nov. 20, 2018.

As of now, there are no details about the upcoming film beyond the fact that pre-production has just begun. It isn't clear if the reboot will be a straight remake of the 1995 movie, featuring new actresses playing updated version of that film's characters. It's possible the film could serve as a sequel set in the same universe, opening the door for some characters from the original to appear. Given the current trend in Hollywood for direct sequels, it would seem probably for the latter to be the case, but all we can do now is speculate as the screenplay hasn't yet been written.

Still very early into development, there isn't yet a release date and it's unclear when viewers can expect to see this movie hitting theaters. As this news is bound to cause excitement, updates on the project will continue to hit the web in the upcoming weeks and months. For fans of the original film, hopefully the reboot can reach the bar set by the 1995 movie. This information was originally posted at Deadline.