Comedian Jamie Stangroom, the mastermind behind the 'These Are the Actors You're Looking For' webs series, has taken it upon himself to hunt for the actor who portrayed the Stormtrooper responsible for quite possibly the greatest movie blooper of all time. We've all seen it. The moment in A New Hope where C-3PO and R2-D2 are trying to stop the trash compactor from crushing Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie. The duo are of course able to pull it off, but not before 3 Stormtroopers rush into the room as a door opens and one of the Stormtroopers hits his head on the door. The oversight remained in the final cut of the movie and the Stormtrooper has become a blundering legend among Star Wars fans all over the world.

Through further investigation and in a bizarre twist of fate, Stangroom has discovered that there are three actors who are taking credit for being the clumsy Stormtrooper. This gave Stangroom the idea to start work on his new project that will be a mini documentary called The Empire Strikes Door, which he is currently seeking funding for. Stangroom wants to investigate further through interviews with the actors and two out of the three have agreed to take polygraph tests, since the third actor has since passed away. This might be the documentary that we're looking for.

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Daily Mail UK reports that the two remaining actors, Laurie Goode and another actor simply referred to as Birdseye, have quite interesting stories behind their claims of being the clumsy Stormtrooper. Birdseye is adamant that it is indeed him because he claims to have a giant head and calls the other actors "pretenders." Laurie Goode has a far more interesting tale to tell, claiming that he had a bad case of diarrhea, which in turn, caused him to hit his head (yes, he's really claiming this).

Stangroom is known for his web series These Are The Actors You're Looking For, which has him tracking down old actors from the original trilogy like Jeremy Bulloch who played Boba Fett and interviews them. Stangroom also tries to "audition" them with hopes of getting them into future Star Wars movies. Stangroom was even able to track down Paul Blake who played Greedo to figure out who shot first? He says that Han Solo did, btw. The series is worth a Google search and is executed quite well if you're into some humor with your Star Wars obsession.

Stangroom will use the money raised to interview the aforementioned weirdoes about their supposed involvement in the movie as well as provide them with polygraph tests. In addition Stangroom wants to track down other people involved including other actors, witnesses, and producers. This is a pretty ambitious project that is sure to be pretty funny at the very least. I'm dying to hear the full story about what caused the intense diarrhea and how that ties into hitting ones head. Check out the teaser trailer below.