Never judge a movie by it's premise. While The Cobbler may sound like a goofy lowbrow comedy in-line with some of Adam Sandler's lesser-liked efforts, it actually provides a more dramatic turn for the actor, and is coming from acclaimed director Thomas McCarthy, the man responsible for such critical favorites as The Visitor and The Station Agent. Image Entertainment has released a new trailer for The Cobbler. Maybe it will change your mind about what the film actually is, or isn't.

The story follows Max Simkin (Adam Sandler), who repairs shoes in the same New York shop that has been in his family for generations. Disenchanted with the grind of daily life, Max stumbles upon a magical heirloom that allows him to step into the lives of his customers and see the world in a new way. Sometimes walking in another man's shoes is the only way one can discover who they really are.

Along with directing the movie, Thomas McCarthy wrote the screenplay alongside Paul Sado. Adam Sandler is joined on screen by a strong supporting cast that includes Dan Stevens, Dustin Hoffman, Steve Buscemi, Melonie Diaz and Ellen Barkin. Take a look at this magical family adventure as one man sets out to right the wrongs of his past while getting a better understating of the people around him.

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B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange