Sylvester Stallone's cult action movie Cobra might be getting a small screen reboot. Stallone has revealed that he wants to make a reboot TV series and he claims the idea is "really good." The actor is an excellent self-promoter and he is riding high off of the success of the Creed series and looking towards the future. First up is Rambo 5: Last Blood, which is all set to hit theaters this fall. Just when you think Stallone is getting ready to slow down, he throws out all of these ideas.

1986's Cobra was a critical failure upon its initial release. However, it made money at the box office and it is a 1980s action cult classic. Plus, it's one of Sylvester Stallone's favorite projects. With that being said, the actor is disappointed that a franchise was never created around the movie. When talking about Cobra at a recent Cannes Q&A, Sylvester Stallone revealed some backstory to the project along with some future ideas.

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"That (conceit) was what if Bruce Springsteen had a gun? That was rock n' roll meets drama. That should have been another franchise because that character was so cool. And I blew it. My personal life got in the way. But we're trying to bring it back as a streaming TV series. Bring out the Zombie Squad. I'm long gone, but the idea is really good."

A Cobra reboot series would probably be a pretty big deal and something streaming platforms would fight for. The show wouldn't star Sylvester Stallone, but it would keep the Zombie Squad moving forward. And who knows? Maybe Stallone will make a cameo to get everything set up. It certainly seems like the project is something he believes in and he knows it will probably do pretty well.

The seeds were planted for Cobra back when Sylvester Stallone was attached to star in Beverly Hills Cop. Stallone took the script and decided to strip away the comedic elements to make a serious action movie. When the studio didn't like his ideas, he walked away and Eddie Murphy took over the role. Some of the ideas he had for Beverly Hills Cop were brought in for Cobra, which is also based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling. It seems Murphy ended up with the better deal when looking back.

Cobra was torched by critics in 1986, but a new version could be perfect for a streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu. It will really depend on the other ideas Sylvester Stallone has for the show, along with who will be starring in the project. Stallone didn't reveal any other details about the series, but he did float another idea to keep the Rocky franchise going on without him. Stallone is not going to slow down and retire any time soon. The Q&A quotes come to us from The Hollywood Reporter.