Angry moviegoers have taken to Twitter to express outrage over Olaf's Frozen Adventure, the new Frozen short playing in front of the new Pixar smash hit Coco. The new Pixar movie easily dominated the box office over the weekend with a domestic opening of over $70 million, which is a good $10 million over Justice League's second weekend in theaters. Pixar fans have been waiting patiently for Coco to hit theaters and once they got into theaters, they ended up having to wait a little bit longer due to the usual previews and the new Disney Frozen "short" that plays before the movie.

Pixar fans often look forward to the short playing before their movies, as they often contain some of the funnier or tender moments than the full-length movie. But moviegoers in theaters to see Coco over the holiday weekend were treated to a 21-minute version of Olaf's Frozen Adventure, which isn't exactly a short as many on social media pointed out. Even Frozen fans claim that the short is much too long to be attached to a movie, especially after a good 20 minutes of trailer stacked on top.

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Many were just shocked that they were forced to sit through over 20 minutes of Frozen and kept looking at their watches in disbelief as the short marched on. One perceptive moviegoer, David McGinnis, took to Twitter and had this to say.

"It was at least twice as long as anyone in my theater wanted. Did they make it as a TV special, then someone said 'eh, just put it in front of Coco.'"

As it turns out, that's exactly what happened. Olaf's Frozen Adventure was originally planned as a 21-minute holiday television special to play on ABC. The short is a sequel to both Frozen and the Frozen Fever short, which played with Cinderella in 2015. In Olaf's Frozen Adventure, the inhabitants of the Frozen universe have to overcome having no holiday traditions, due to Elsa's curse.

Currently the only way to see Olaf's Frozen Adventure is to go and see Coco, but the short was not included in critic screenings for the movie, presumably out of fear that the 21-minute "short" could influence the reviews of Coco. Many moviegoers are trying to figure out the exact timing to get into the theater without having to sit through Olaf's Frozen Adventure, while others are fine with it and enjoyed seeing a surprise sequel to Frozen. Regardless, you can't please everybody, but a 21-minute so-called short is a bit much to ask of the majority of the audience.

Olaf's Frozen Adventure might not be the kind of pre-Pixar movie short fans have become accustomed to, but Frozen fans waiting anxiously for Frozen 2 should be more than happy with the mini-movie. Olaf's Frozen Adventure features 4 new songs, that's one song for every five minutes for those keeping track. Written by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel, the new songs fit right into the Frozen world, which means parents should get ready to hear them over and over again for the foreseeable future. You can check out some of the outrage of being forced to sit through 21 minutes of the Frozen franchise below, courtesy of Caroline Madden's Twitter account.