Cold Pursuit, which stars Liam Neeson as a vengeful snowplow driver, has revealed an awesome new poster. The first trailer for the action comedy was released earlier this week, confirming the dark laughs that were evident in the first draft of the official synopsis. However, the studio wisely decided to change the title, which was previously Hard Powder, starring Neeson as Nels Coxman. There was a bit too much obvious comedy with the original title, so Cold Pursuit is a decent enough calling card that doesn't really evoke male anatomy jokes.

The poster for Cold Pursuit looks like it could be a dark version of a National Lampoon movie from the 1980s. A car is impaled by a giant tree with two signs down below. One sign welcomes us to Kehole, while the other is a reminder to drive safely. The trailer for shows off the dark comedy aspect, which is starting to look like the Taken franchise mixed with the Coen Brothers' Fargo, and a dash of The Simpsons.

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With the title change, the Cold Pursuit synopsis has also changed to add that the movie is an "action thriller infused with irreverent humor." The film is a loose remake of Hans Petter Moland's 2014 Norwegian movie In Order of Disappearance. Moland is back on board to direct the North American version, adding in more hints of comedy. The original character's name was Nils Dickman, which has now been changed to Nels Coxman, but the basic premise is relatively the same where a family man who drives a snowplow learns how to use weapons and goes up against a major drug cartel to take revenge for killing his son.

When the project was first announced, many found it hard to believe that Liam Neeson was taking part in yet another revenge film, but now that the trailer has been released, everything is falling into place. Neeson fans have waited to see the actor get into some more comedic roles, and Cold Pursuit looks like it should give those fans what they've been asking for. Adding to the comedy of the first trailer is the slightly remixed version of Blue Oyster Cult's hit song "Don't Fear the Reaper," aka, the "cowbell song" from the Saturday Night Live sketch. The cowbell is separated from the track, featuring it as the main instrument, which is sure to bring some smiles.

With the latest poster and first trailer for Cold Pursuit looks a lot better than originally thought. The movie hits theaters on February 9th, 2019, so we don't have to wait too much longer to see Liam Neeson in a dark comedy role, that may poke some fun at some of his previous roles. Plus, Neeson driving a snowplow looks like it's worth the money already. You can check out the latest new poster and first trailer below, thanks to the Lionsgate Movies YouTube channel.

Cold Pursuit poster
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick