We reported at the end of March that Up in the Air screenwriter Sheldon Turner was set to make his directorial debut and now he has two stars circling the film. Deadline New York is reporting that Colin Farrell and Eric Bana are in talks for the two leads of By Virtue Fall.

Our earlier report indicated that the film centers on the two lead characters, one who is framed by his mentor and thrown in prison. When he's released, he plans on exacting revenge for the double-cross and finds that his former mentor has made a new, crime-free life for himself.

Producer Nicolas Chartier (The Hurt Locker) and his Voltage Pictures is setting up the film, but it was said that neither actor is a lock for the film as of yet, with money being an issue. However, it was also said that Bana is further along in negotiations than Farrell.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further details on By Virtue Fall's casting as soon as we have more information.