Colin Farrell and Toni Collette have boarded DreamWorks' comedy horror Fright Night, which is a remake of the cult 1985 film, according to Heat Vision. Also, Farrell has joined the Seth Gordon-directed New Line comedy Horrible Bosses, according to Deadline.

They join Anton Yelchin in the Craig Gillespie-directed remake, which sticks to the original concept of a teen (Yelchin) being convinced that his new neighbor is a vampire, though no one will believe him.

Farrell will star as the vampire preying on the neighborhood. Collette will portray Yelchin's mom, who at first disapproves of the new arrival but changes her attitude when she meets the magnetic man and -- surprise -- doesn't believe her son when he tries to tell her Jerry is a vampire.

The movie will be released through Disney.

Horrible Bosses revolves around three friends who decide to whack their abusive "superiors" in a desperate bid for happiness.

No production date has been set.