Alexander The Great: Colin Farrell recently spoke with about his upcoming role in Alexander The Great. In all it seems that Farrell is excited to move forward with this project as soon as the directing duties are hashed out:

"There seems to be this race going on," acknowledged Farrell, who recently topped the box office with "The Recruit" (see "Colin Farrell Recruits Enough Moviegoers To Top Box Office") and co-stars in this week's "Daredevil." "But that's all for the other heads and the people that are involved in it on a different creative level and the business people to sort out."

Currently busy shooting "S.W.A.T." alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Farrell said he has yet to officially join the "Alexander" cast but has screen-tested for Stone. "I would love to do it, man. I'm not up on my business affairs. I am just kind of focusing on what I am doing at the moment. But I'd love to work with Stone. I'd love to do that 'Alexander' piece that he wrote, [it's] just a beautiful f---ing script."{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world 2,300 years ago. The fact that playing a historical figure of such magnitude would require a great deal of preparation isn't lost on Farrell. "If it happens, I will [do the research]," he promised. "There is a lot of work to do if that happens."

Stone hopes to get moving on "Alexander" in June. Luhrmann, who previously worked with DiCaprio on "Romeo + Juliet," plans to begin shooting his project toward the end of the year. A spokesperson for DiCaprio recently described the "Gangs of New York" actor as "very interested" in taking the part.

The Whole Ten Yards: Due in theaters October 17th, The Whole Ten Yards, which stars Matthew Perry & Bruce Willis, is underway. LatinoReview has a set report as well as pictures from the comedy sequel. CLICK HERE

Monster: A scooper over at Dark Horizons recently got some information about Charlene Theron's upcoming film, Monster:

"There was something incongruous with the monster image created by the media coverage of this case and the woman I saw break down in the courtroom on the day of her sentencing. Getting behind the headlines to the heart of who this person was is what I'm aiming for with this film". Theron gained over 20 pounds "in order to more closely resemble the prostitute hardened by 20 years of life on the streets turned serial killer"

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A Man Apart: According to the Montreal Gazette, the new Vin Diesel flick, A Man Apart, is being delayed again because the execs at New Line Cinema are displeased with the ending of the film:

"New Line, has now announced a fourth delay in releasing it, apparently this time because they're not happy with the ending. That will mean still more editing, though I guess not more filming, because they're now talking about getting the picture out in April. That would be about 20 months later than the original schedule."

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Crusade: " Arnold Schwarzenegger commented on the recent rumors of his involvement with the proposed James Cameron project, Crusade, to Box-Office Prophets. Here's what the big guy had to say:

“Let us just say I like to lance a lot. Get it, ya?”

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