recently interviewed actor Colin Farrell about his role in the upcoming Oliver Stone directed epic, Alexander. Here are the highlights...

Does Alexander deal with the private life of Alexander the Great?

Oh, of course. It's hard to have a private life when you're a king, but we've done his personal life, for sure, is touched on. It's not in a way that highlights it. I'll tell you one thing, anything that was needed for Oliver to tell a story the way that he intended it to be told is not taken out.

So the sexuality is in there?

Yeah. I mean, you know he's bi-sexual.

That's all you really even need to know and you don't even need to know that because there was no term for sexuality back then in respect to categorizing it as homosexuality, bisexuality, heterosexuality. There was no term for it. It was a time when men and men laid together and they shared knowledge. And they laid together. And women had babies primarily, but later on in life, as we got more technologically adept and sociologically inept, we started to put titles on everything and brandish everything. We decided for the few what was right or wrong or the few decided for the multitude what was right or wrong.

What did you think when there were several competing Alexander the Great projects?

I don't know. The story is only three thousand years old. Of course, welcome to Hollywood. In the same year, “Hurry, who's going to make the first f*cking one?” It's like Jesus. I know that Oliver has been working on his or thinking about his for ten or twelve years.

What was the training process?

It was a lot. We did boot-camp for weeks, weeks.

How was the Oliver Stone experience?

Oh, it was great, man. Yeah. I had an amazing time working with him. He's an incredible man. An incredible filmmaker.

What was his process of directing you? I mean, he definitely demands a different respect as each human demands a different way of trying to pull them out of themselves and dance with him. Oh man, he was very honest with me from day one, very tough and he should've been. Just tough in his honesty and the brutality of his honesty. “That was a sh*t take. It was terrible, terrible. Okay, f*ck it, lets go out and work and go. We're here.” Just honest. At the same time, when he told you that that was a great take, you knew that that was a great take. There was no dancing around the truth. He didn't dance around the truth, thank God. There's not enough people in the world that has the brutal honesty that he has.

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