Miami Vice: In a recent interview with The Chicago Sun Times, actor Colin Farrell spoke briefly about his next role in the big screen adaptation of "Miami Vice", the hit TV action series from the 80s, which is to be directed by Michael Mann...

"I'm not trying on those jackets just yet because I haven't signed, although I'd do anything to work with Michael Mann," says Farrell, who is in talks to star with Jamie Foxx in the 2005 revival.

Why would Farrell sign on to bring yet another piece of TV history to the big screen? "The script is great. The director is great. The worst thing about the project is the title, but as a piece in and of itself it's brilliant," Farrell promises.

As for plot points, Farrell adds, "It goes deep into the undercover world. It's Mann doing his heavy and tough stuff, with the kind of great dialogue you saw in 'Heat' and 'Collateral.' "