10:AICN reports (and this is completely unconfirmed) that Colin Farrell and Kristianna Loken (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) are in negotiations to star in a remake of Blake Edwards' 10, with Farrell in the role once played by the late great Dudley Moore and Loken stepping into the shoes previously worn by Bo Derek.

The original film and the remake will both center on George Webber (Farrell; in talks), who escapes from the bustle and headaches (and toothaches) of Los Angeles to the beaches of Acapulco. While there he runs into Jenny (Loken; in talks), the daughter of his dentist who is on her honeymoon. Jenny tries to repay him for a big favor, and her method of repayment causes George to rethink his whole approach to life.

Hugh Grant was once attatched to the George Webber role which Colin Farrell may now take instead.

Stay tuned...