Actor Josh Stewart is perhaps best known to mainstream audiences from his role in Christopher Nolan's third and final entry in his Batman saga The Dark Knight Rises. But all of us genre fans know Stewart best for his work in co-writer/director Marcus Dunstan's home-invasion series The Collector, and it's balls to the wall sequel The Collection. And today we have word via Stewart himself that there will be a third entry in the series, currently going by the title The Collector 3 or, you know, The Coll3ctor.

Josh Stewart shared the upcoming film's poster over on Twitter with the ominous caption, "Lock the door." You can check out Stewart's tweet including the poster for The Collector 3 below.

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For those who might not be up to speed with the franchise, the first film The Collector follows the above-mentioned Josh Stewart as a petty criminal desperate for money to pay off a debt, who targets a wealthy family's home and plans to break in and steal a valuable gem. Things don't quite go as planned for the man as he soon learns that he picked the wrong night to carry out his plans. It turns out his heist takes place on the same night a masked madman known as The Collector decides to lay siege to the house as well. Now Arkin is left imprisoned in the mansion along with the family and must try to escape from all the Home Alone meets Saw style traps this Collector fellow has laid all around the large home.

Following up that tale of terror, The Collection centered on the story of a young woman named Elena (played by The Social Network's Emma Fitzpatrick) who sneaks out of her house late one night to attend what promises to be a private party. Little does she know that nothing but horror awaits her as a sick criminal known as The Collector crashes the party by sending a massive wheat thresher or something through the dance floor. Elena then goes into hiding, and she finds and frees Arkin (played once again by the above-mentioned Josh Stewart), who has spent the time between this film and the previous entry as The Collector's captive. With the help of Elena, Arkin manages to escape but wouldn't you know it, The Collector takes Elena as his prisoner. From there, Arkin must join forces with a team of mercenaries on a suicide mission to save Elena from the clutches of The Collector.

Dunstan and Patrick Melton wrote the first two films in the franchise, and by the looks of the poster, they will be returning to pen this new entry as well, which is good to know. That said, there is no word on if Dunstan will return to helm this third entry, and there isn't currently word on just when this new movie in The Collector series will be hitting a screen near you. But we will make sure to keep on top of this project as it develops and pass along word as we hear it. This announcement and poster we shared by actor Josh Stewart over on Twitter.