Get ready to be a pre-frosh all over again on DVD this coming January. {@IMG:pB0MWyCz17xhGBLJJDMiQmEuQ02Thk|@}|+|College} will be released on DVD on January 27th. The disc will be priced at $29.98 SRP. The film stars Drake Bell, Kevin Covais, Andrew Caldwell and Nick Zano.

Three high school friends (Drake Bell, Kevin Covais and Andrew Caldwell) visit a local college campus as prospective freshmen anticipating the best weekend of their lives. Once there, the rowdiest fraternity on campus, headed by a womanizing jock (Nick Zano), decides to recruit the boys as "pledges," subjecting them to endless humiliations in return for granting them access to the no-holds-barred college party scene.

Special Features:

- Gag Reel