Last year, Anne Hathaway signed on to star in director Nacho Vigolando's (Timecrimes, Open Windows) new thriller Colossal. The movie was described as a cross between a massive monster movie and a small-town thriller, and now that the film has debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, there still isn't much else we know. Today, the first two photos have arrived, while Nacho Vigolando tries his best to break down the movie.

The photos debuted courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, who had the chance to speak with the director. The filmmaker revealed that he isn't quite sure how to explain the premise, although he tried to do so in this new interview. Here's what Nacho Vigolando had to say below.

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"The movie's coming from my obvious love towards monster movies, and I was always intrigued by the possibility of setting a monster movie story in a human scale. This is a monster movie that collides with a small indie drama, which is an interesting collision."

Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a hard-partying New Yorker who is forced to go to back to her northeastern hometown, after losing both her job and her fiance (Dan Stevens). She ends up reuniting with her old friend Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who owns the bar in town. Things take a bizarre turn when Gloria learns that there is a massive monster destroying Seoul, South Korea, and that she has a strange connection to this creature. While details are being kept under wraps about the creature, this indie production ran into some legal trouble through Toho, the Japanese company that created Godzilla.

Toho sued the production for copyright infringement, which was settled out of court, but the filmmaker claims that the legal drama didn't have any affect on the story itself. As for the small town, Nacho Vigolando reveals that this town is essentially the American equivalent of his own hometown in Northern Spain. Here's what he had to say about the monster.

"We tried to come up with a new monster. We've seen some of those in many films, and we tried to find something that feels unique. As the movie goes on, and you realize how this monster is connected to Gloria, you understand the nature of the beast from a new angle. So yeah, the monster has a twist. From all the creatures that you can remember on screen, King Kong is the only one who is in love, so he has a really emotional dimension that sometimes other monsters lack. What I love about King Kong is that his motivations are human and raw and wild, so we can identify with him. So far, I'm enjoying the sense of mystery that's around the film! Apart from the main character and her relationship with the monster, the movie is planned to work as a series of surprises. So I'm just enjoying this moment in life where nobody knows where the movie is going."

Colossal had its world premiere screening last night, but it remains to be seen if a distributor will pick up this monster movie. The supporting cast includes Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson and Agram Darshi. Take a look at the first two photos from Colossal. We'll be sure to bring you the first trailer as soon as it arrives.

Colossal Photo 1
Colossal Photo 2