Columbus Day is one of those movies whose whose ideas, themes and narrative are all in the right place but at the end of the day it just doesn't add up.

Val Kilmer plays Jon, a robber who has just pulled off a major heist. For reasons that I never fully understood he has to hang out in a park, conduct his business via pay phones, and simply hang tight until he can unload what he has stolen back to the person that he stole it from. Along the way he meets Antoine (Bobb'e J. Thompson), a young boy who manages to get the ice cold Jon to start rethinking his life. In the process he starts to reconnect with his daughter and his ex-wife all while dodging the cops and others who might try and end his life.

While I can appreciate what Director Charles Burmeister was trying to do with this film, I wish he would have focused more on the characters than the plot and themes he seemed to arbitrarily put in the narrative. A layered character study of Kilmer's character mixed with a clearer explanation of what he was trying to achieve is, I think, all that this movie really would have needed. Instead what we get is a film that spends time in a bunch of areas all while trying to make them connect via non-linear storytelling.

I am not saying I need to be held by the hand and I certainly love when filmmakers mess with the form of the filmic medium (Burmeister gets very respectable performances from all cast members), I guess I feel that ultimately, with the ground trying to be covered, Columbus Day felt a tad too contrived for my tastes.

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