Add one more actor to the list of those who have been considered for a role in George Miller's Justice League of America. Chroeographer-turned-actor Columbus Short (Stomp the Yard) told MTV News that he was up for the role of Green Lantern in the film about DC Comic's premiere superhero team.

Shockingly, although he may have been considered for the role, he has apparently already turned it down. "Justice League of America is going to be dope, it's going to be huge," Short said, "But it's not the movie for me."

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Short said that he ultimately decided the script was too much popcorn for his taste."I think there comes a point in an actor's career when he decides what type of actor you want to be, [Each actor] decides: I want to do commercial movies, but do I want to go this way? Or do I want to go that way?"

Justice League of America casting is still ongoing, with no actor being absolutely confirmed for any of the roles.