Comedy Central has revealed an ambitious development slate including projects from Snoop Dogg, Andy Richter and David Alan Grier. Pilots and scripts encompass a wide variety of forms, including animated, sketch, scripted narrative and parody.

According to Variety, the channel has already picked up the series Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire, which the channel describes as its "first foray into medieval comedy." At least another four or five series are planned for 2009, with some projects picked up as soon as next month and another round will greenlight in the fall.

Among the pilots, the untitled Snoop Dogg project will take an animated look at Snoop's life as a as a teen in 1980s Long Beach. Another sketch pilot stars Richter. Grier, meanwhile, has teamed with Robert Morton, Mad TV alum Fax Bahr and Adam Small and Generate's Pete Aronson and Jordan Levin for David Alan Grier's Chocolate News. The magazine-show parody, originally developed at the channel last year as a presentation, will now be shot as a pilot.

Other pilots include the following:

* Gay Robot, an animated half-hour (consisting of two 11-minute segs) about a -- you guessed it -- gay robot and his pals as they adjust to life after college. Nick Swardson will voice the robot and write with Aaron Lee; pilot comes from Adam Sandler's Happy Madison and Sony Pictures TV.

* The Scariest Show on Television, hosted by Paul F. Tompkins (in character as "Julius Darkshaft"). Sketch anthology comes from Waverly Films and 3Arts Entertainment.

* America's Biggest Idiot, which follows three regulars who compete in ridiculous physical competitions; Daniel Tosh hosts.

* Search and Destroy, featuring radio bad boys Opie and Anthony, who send teams of comedians on a scavenger hunt around New York.

* Speed Freaks, a scripted comedy starring Zach Galifianakis and A.D. Miles as losers who go on the run after blowing up a meth lab.

Scripts in development include a comedy starring Mad TV player Bobby Lee that's penned by Lee, Michael Hitchcock and Dick Blasucci. Net is also looking at the script Gypsy Cap, from scribes Jordan Rubin and Aaron Lee, and exec produced by Rubin, Lee and Generate's Dave Rath.

Also, The State and Stella stars Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter are back at Comedy Central with Michael and Michael Have Issues, a sketch project. And then there's Reality Bites, a spoof of the nonscripted genre from 3 Ball Prods.

Net plans to screen a first batch of pilots in the coming weeks; projects already shot include Speed Freaks, Chocolate News, Scariest Show on Television, Biggest Idiot and the previously announced Run Lisa Run.

Comedy Central also has new specials on tap from Carlos Mencia, John Oliver and Brian Regan. Carlos Mencia: Performance Enhanced, exec produced by Morton, premieres May 18 at 10 p.m., while John Oliver: Terrifying Times will premiere April 20 at 10 p.m. The Regan special will air sometime in the summer.