Star Wars: Epsiode III: Today's Comic-Con convention held many film related events in San Diego. In the midst was a special presentation by Lucasfilm of some Star Wars related material as well as mention of the Indiana Jones DVD Box Set due out on November 4th.

Thanks to a great report over at Coming Soon!, fans not able to attend the convention can be let into just what went on at the con:

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The Star Wars portion of the presentation began with a message from producer Rick McCallum, expressing his excitement over beginning the filming of Episode III. Next, Anthony Daniels (C-3PO himself) takes us on a brief tour of the massive Fox Studio Australia sound stage and the set of Episode III, which included Padme's chamber and the deck of a Federation Cruiser. Then he took us through the creature and props departments, which included a look at a new laser rifle. In the wardrobe department, Trisha Biggar was struggling with a particular red costume that looked a bit like a Royal Guard outfit. Following that, a tour of various set construction was set to the Ewok theme.

The first big round of applause came when the camera fixed on a Chewbacca mask. The wide shot of the room revealed several Wookiee masks and body suits.

The 'flannelled one' appeared next on a set he himself described as the 'Emperor's Throne Room'. He spoke briefly about looking forward to having all the fans see the final film