Spider-man 2: Quint over at Ain't It Cool News has posted some new pics from Comic-Con of the Spider-man 2 teaser poster featuring 'Doctor Octupus'! In addition he's given his run down on the footage shown at the con this year!

The footage they showed was of a group of doctors going over Dr. Octavius' "accident", looking at computer readings showing the tentacles have been fused with the spine... The decision is made to cut off the tentacles, then figure out how to save his spine. RELATED: Labyrinth Mini Epics Figures Unveiled by Weta Workshop

Doc Ock is laid out, face down, on a table, his eyes covered in white gauze. His 4 tentacles are wrapped in white sheets and hanging by ties to the ceiling around the room... Think the Alien Queen from ALIENS. There's tension as the main surgeon takes a buzz saw and turns it on. One of the tentacles twitches. The surgeon stops the saw, looks at the tentacle... nothing. He turns it back on again and gets very close to the metal skin of the first tentacle. BAM! The tentacles break free and beat the holy hell out of all the doctors and nurses.

This scene is classic Raimi... Following flying tentacles through the air, quick zooms into the open, screaming mouths of the nurses... The whole time Molina is laying on the surgical table completely motionless. One of the doctors gets trapped by a tentacle... looks around and sees a little sterile-silver chainsaw on the table next to him... tries to inch towards it. Then it cuts to Tentacle-cam. All 4 of the tentacles have the ability to take video it seems... it actually looked really sweet.

The tentacle thwarts the doctor's attempt to grab the chainsaw... cut away to many doctors and nurses getting smacked in the chest, face, legs by the other tentacles... the chainsaw doctor gets knocked down... all of a sudden the sound of a chainsaw roars to life and you see a gloved hand hold it high in the air triumphantly only to get totaled by the tentacle.

Everyone is down... Molina begins to wake up. He raises his head and a tentacle gently takes off the surgical gauze blindfold for him. This move was incredible. It was either some of the best CG I've ever seen or it was animatronic. If it was animatronic work, then count me doubly impressed. It was smooth and casual as if it really was just another hand at Doc Ock's disposal. Doc Ock apparently isn't too happy with the situation. He gets up on his knees and in a wide shot we see him lamenting the situation, crying out "No!" as his tentacles flail and flex.

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