Spider-man 2: Today Sony surprised fans at the 2003 Comic-con in Sand Diego with the unveiling of the main villian in Spider-man 2, 'Doctor Octupus'!

A scooper over at SuperHeroHype.com has sent in his description to the site, and I couldn't have said it better myself. Take a look:

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It first showed sort of a montage screen of different scenes in the movie. One shot was where Spider-Man, battle ravaged, was crawling along a very large spider-web and smiling. Another shot was of Spidey waving to the camera. It also showed James Franco who I can say is confirmed due to this visual shot. Now the scene began. The scene started in some laboratory. Doc Ock is lying on his stomach on a operating table, being experimented on by six or more scientists and is having tenticals fused to his back. One scientist is telling about the experiment to a fellow scientist. All of a sudden, the camera pans down and shows something under a blanket sheet move. Then out from under a tentical elongates (With VERY cool sound effects) and slams a scientist towards the wall. Then another arm elongates onto and grips a scientist's face and slams her into a wall. Now all of the arms continue to literally punish the scientists as they scream for mercy. The Ock origin is a HELL of a lot better then the Green Goblin origin.

Then it cuts to Molina's face, style lying on stomach while he has a bandage around his eyes. He rips it off and seems to be woosy and has no idea what just happened. Then gives a mad look on his face.

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