B. Alan Orange interviews the cast of Open Water

Friday afternoon, I was locked in a closet with Blanchard "Billboard" Ryan and her on-screen partner Daniel Travis. This is what takes place when you have yet to see an actor's movie...

(Head to the bottom of the interview for "exclusive to Movieweb" information about the making of this film...

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Orange: Okay, so you guys are going to hate me, because I haven't seen this movie.

Ryan: Oh, okay...

Travis: We hate you!

Ryan: Maybe that's good, you won't ask us the same questions we've heard a hundred times.

Orange: Well, it's been leaked that you guys are the nicest people to deal with, here at this little shindig.

Travis: Cool!

Ryan: We kind of like this, because you'll probably ask us different questions than people that have seen the movie.

Orange: Why are sharks such jerks?

Ryan: Sharks aren't jerks!

Travis: Well, there's a question we have not gotten yet.

Ryan: No, and they are not jerks. They are wonderful creatures who are doing the exact job they were put on this earth to do. And they are amazingly well suited.

Travis: They are more highly evolved then we are.

Ryan: Exactly.

Orange: Well, I do know that they are a lot smarter than us.

Travis: They came out that way.

Ryan: If you don't want to get bitten by a shark, just stay out of the water. I guarantee; you will not be bitten by a shark. They are not doing anything wrong. They are interesting animals. We are the bad people. We are the ones out there, invading their territory. And then we get mad at them when they bite us. It is not cool.

Orange: Did you ever see the same shark more than once? Like, did you start naming them?

Travis: Nope.

Ryan: They all looked too similar.

Travis: They all looked the same.

Ryan: Big, and scary, and gray. We apologize if we have food in our teeth.

Travis: Yeah, I just picked some lettuce out of my teeth.

Ryan: We're very attractive, sucking on our teeth. Which is nice about radio interviews, or on-line. You can have stuff in your teeth.

Orange: You can eat whatever you want. Well, let's see here. I haven't even seen the trailer for this, or anything. They just kind of threw me in here.

Ryan: Don't worry about.

Travis: Well, you know what the premise is.

Orange: If you could make a board game based on Open Water, what would the rules be? That was a question that came up last night while we were drinking.

Ryan: I like it. What would be the rules? You can't get your feet wet.

Travis: The drinking game version?

Orange: Yeah!

Ryan: There could be a drinking game. An Open Water drinking game. That would be good. Every time you see a shark. Oh, but we do have the porn name, which is Open Wider.

Orange: Nice.

Ryan: That will be the porn version...

Orange: Wait, you just said something...The drinking game...How many sharks are in this movie?

Ryan: There's enough to get a buzz on, I would think.

Travis: It would be just like when somebody says, "Rudolph." And then you start drinking. You'd probably get tanked.

Ryan: Right.

Orange: Okay. What is scarier: The people at this convention or the sharks?

Travis: It's funny. Chris and I sort of had this joke. We got out of the water with sharks to get into the water with sharks.

Ryan: Yeah. It's really the Hollywood people.

Travis: The Hollywood sharks are much more intimidating than the ones in the water.

Ryan: The press people? I've really just had a great experience.

Orange: That's the impression that I got. Some people will say, "Ah, this guy sucks." After doing an interview with someone. I've been talking to people about you guys today, and unanimously, they're like, "Those are the nicest two people that I have ever met."

Ryan: It's because we're new in the business. We haven't been jaded.

Travis: Talk to us next year.

Orange: This is your first movie, right?

Travis: It's my first film, yeah.

Ryan: And this is my first one that has ever gotten attention.

Orange: What else have you been in? I apologize for not recognizing you...

Ryan: Oh, not at all. I haven't been in anything you would have heard of.

Orange: Trust me, I see some pretty weird shit. I might have heard of it.

Ryan: I was in a movie called Remembering Sex. That was at a lot of film festivals...I've never been in anything that's been released. Unless you're a big festival person...

Orange: Unless I'm a what?

Ryan: A big festivalgoer...

Orange: No. They send me to the Black Film Festival (Travis laughs at me; I think because I'm not black)...

Ryan: We've both done Sex in the City.

Orange: I've never seen that.

Travis: Really.

Ryan: We've also both been on All My Children...

Orange: No, I've never seen Sex in the City.

Ryan: You've missed my work, then.

Orange: Wait, you said All My Children? Which one is that?

Ryan: It's on ABC. With Susan Lucci.

Orange: Okay. That's not the one that I watch.

Ryan: Which one do you watch?

Orange: The one with, uh...I can't remember her name...It's on NBC...

Ryan: Oh, I watch CBS.

Travis: Days of Our Lives.

Orange: That's the only one I've seen. Here's one: How hard was it to walk at the end of the day?

Travis: Very. We were talking about that, actually. Because your eyes are trying to focus on a horizon line that keeps shifting, when we're bobbing up and down during the course of the day, we'd get out of the water, and we'd be walking around like drunken sailors.

Ryan: And at night, I'd be dreaming about water. I still have the dreams, although a lot less often. But every single night when we were shooting, I would dream that I was in the water.

Orange: How long where you guys in the water before they'd pull you out? Because you're just free floating in there, right?

Ryan: 8 or 10 hours a day.

Travis: We started shooting in waist deep water to see if we could do that, and that just did not work. So we went out to deep water, and the first couple of days, we'd do a take, and because the currents were so strong, we'd finish the take and we'd be about three hundred yards off the back of the boat.

Ryan: We were like, "This can't be."

Orange: How hard is it to hit your mark.

Ryan: Hard. So hard. Nearly impossible.

Travis: We ended up figuring out a way to tether ourselves to the back of the boat. But you're still constantly kicking just to try and maintain your shot in the frame.

Ryan: Because the current keeps wanting to push you over backwards.

Orange: You guys had scuba gear on?

Ryan: Yes. And we had BCs. We were inflated.

Orange: In the movie, how long are they out there? Like, a day?

Ryan: A day and a half.

Orange: And this is based on a true story?

Travis: Yeah. And we had about 120 hours of water footage alone.

(Ryan notices the yellow Lance Armstrong bracelet I'm wearing...)

Ryan: I have one of those yellow bracelets.

Orange: (pointing to Travis, who is also wearing one) Yeah, he has one too.

Ryan: I'm not sure how I got it.

Orange: I guess they're really popular.

Ryan: I took mine off.

Travis: I'm supporting Lance.

Orange: I was expecting mine to break in the shower, or something. I didn't realize it was that strong.

Ryan: I don't know where I got mine. I'm sorry; I'm not sure what it's for.

Travis: It's in support of Lance Armstrong.

Ryan: I know, but where did you get it?

Travis: I think I got mine at the Nike house.

Orange: I got mine at a Sporting Good store in Montana.

Travis: Oh. How was Montana?

Orange: I didn't really like the weather. I'd never been there before. I went there a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure I like the place.

Ryan: What was the weather like?

Orange: It would be raining one minute, and then sunny the next.

Travis: Big Sky Country.

Orange: My friends took me out camping. Didn't see no fish. I couldn't fish, because I couldn't afford the permit. I didn't see a bear. I went with a married couple...

Travis: Oh, third wheel!

Orange: Yeah, pretty much...Sorry, getting off track. I probably shouldn't talk too much about that, because the guy runs Movieweb.

Travis: You guys where the first ones to scoop the poster. Our new poster; that was the only place I could see it.

Orange: Yeah, probably. I guess Movieweb's been doing really good.

Travis: Well, that was the first place I saw it. There on your site.

Orange: I'll make sure to mention that to the guys. They'll be excited to hear that.

Ryan: Good.

Orange: On to the next question...Oh, that's a really dumb question...

Ryan: Ask it anyway.

Orange: Any plans to buy a houseboat?

Travis: I actually did have a plan, when I was living in New York, to buy a houseboat, because it would be cheaper.

Orange: I was looking at some yesterday. Those things are nice!

Ryan: Yeah, they are...

Travis: That was the only way I could reconcile living in Manhattan...

Ryan: He's outdoorsy...

Travis: I'm an outdoorsy kind of guy, so I figured that if I was on a houseboat in Manhattan, I could get away with it. But those slips on the pier...There's like a ten year waiting list to get in there.

Ryan: And it costs like hundred thousand dollars a day.

Orange: You're not an outdoorsy type of person?

Ryan: No. I like a paved environment.

Orange: How did you deal with this movie?

Ryan: I did my best.

Orange: How did you come about getting this role? I'm sure you've been asked that before...

Ryan: I just auditioned for it.

Orange: You heard what it was about, and you were like...

Ryan: Chris and Laura said, "There's going to be nudity. There's going to be real sharks."

Orange: Oh, there's nudity in it? Maybe I'll go see it.

Ryan: Just Daniel's ass...

Orange: I thought you meant something else. I don't want to see that...

Ryan: No, we're both full on. We gave it the Full Monty...

Orange: How is that for a first time feature?

Ryan: That's what I'm saying. We have every risk. We have to carry this whole movie, just the two of us, who no one knows or cares about. We had to take our clothes off. We had to swim with sharks. You know, being in the water day after day...

Orange: So, this is the worst possible environment...

Travis: And best. We conquered all that stuff.

Orange: Well, I've heard the movie's awesome. Everyone is saying that it's pretty good.

Travis: Good.

Orange: But that's the only thing I know about the movie. I read an interview with you in a magazine three or four weeks ago, and that was the first I'd heard about it.

Ryan: Okay. I wonder what magazine it was...

Orange: I don't remember. Actually, someone came into work and told me about it...

Travis: Word of mouth is picking up a little bit.

Orange: Yeah, that's what I think. They were all excited about it. They were like; "I'd be horrified if I was out in the water like that."

Ryan: I know.

Travis: That's one of the things that is great about it. It's very accessible. And it's a very simple scenario. You can put yourself in that situation.

Orange: You guys have seen it, right?

Ryan: Yeah.

Orange: Did you like it a lot?

Ryan: I did like it a lot.

Orange: So, you guys are going to buy the DVD?

Travis: Hopefully, they're going to give us one.

Ryan: Steve got DVDs.

Travis: I'm hoping we'll get one.

Orange: Who got one?

Ryan: My boyfriend, Steve Lemme. He's part of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe.

Orange: Oh, he is? Which guy is he?

Ryan: He was "Mac" in Super Troopers, the guy in the metal jockstrap.

Orange: I don't think I'm familiar enough with that movie. In Club Dread, which guy was he?

Ryan: The guy with the Spanish accent. Jaun Castio...

Orange: Okay, I remember that guy...

Travis: The swimming guy?

Ryan: Yeah, the swimming guy.

Orange: I went to that Super Troopers premiere in Hollywood. It was really tiny, or something. They had it in Westwood. I don't know if that was the premiere, but that was the first time I ever saw it. Those guys all sat right behind me...

Ryan: Maybe it was just a screening...

Orange: I think it was for Gen-Art.

Ryan: Oh, Gen-Art. I remember that.

Orange: They had a big party down the street. I'm not even sure I was supposed to be there. But it was free beer.

Travis: Good for you.

Ryan: Yeah, they like their booze. Those boys...

Orange: Those guys are pretty cool.

Ryan: I'm glad you think so. I do too.

Orange: They've got a big following. It's kind of weird.

Ryan: Oh, my God! It's like a cult.

Travis: Yeah, they've got a Cult following.

Orange: The first time I saw Super Troopers; I didn't know what to think about it. I didn't give it a bad review, but I didn't give it a good review, either.

Ryan: That's the same with this guy.

Orange: I thought it had some really funny parts, but some of it's kind of off. I got the most hate mail for it than anything. Worse than Lord of the Rings. I'm still getting email. And that movie came out a couple of years ago.

Travis: People are coming to hunt you down.

Ryan: Super Troopers grows on you in an unbelievable way. Watch it a couple of more times, and do an update.

Orange: I've heard that I need to watch it again. I liked Club Dread, but I'm into horror movies, so...

Ryan: I loved Club Dread.

Travis: You're in Super Troopers.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm in Super Troopers. I'm the girl in the billboard that Steve is pleasuring himself to. It's our love scene.

Orange: How did you hook up with that guy? Had you met him before starring on the billboard?

Ryan: The guy that produces all of their movies is married to my best friend. We met them through him.

Orange: What about you?

Travis: I'm not dating anyone from the Super Troopers.

Ryan: He's not dating any of the Lizards. No.

Orange: Are you dating anyone in particular?

Travis: I am not. I'm a single guy. I'm looking, though. Some of the outfits at Comic-Con...I think I might get a date.

Orange: Well...I don't know about that...

Ryan: He's got his eye on a few of the Princess Leahs...

Orange: I don't even know what they call it, but she's the blue lady from Star Wars, with the big tentacles...

Travis: Oh, yeah!

Orange: She was outside, I looked at her...She was kinda, like, cute...I guess...But there's just something...

Travis: She's kind of cute in a blue sort of way.

Orange: I've never been to a thing like this, so I didn't know what to expect.

Travis: I haven't either.

Orange: It's kind of horrifying at first, and then they start giving you all kinds of free stuff.

Ryan: Cool. Where's the free stuff?

Orange: You have to go to the booths downstairs. I got kind of excited because...Well, do you know what Kaiju Big Battle is?

Travis: I don't.

Orange: It's kind of like the WWF with Godzilla monster costumes. They get in those costumes, and then fight in the ring...

Travis: You're kidding...

Ryan: That sounds hysterical.

Orange: They gave me a bootleg DVD, and all kinds of free stickers and stuff.

Travis: That's where my friend called from last night. He was at one of those matches in Hollywood.

Orange: Was it going on last night?

Travis: Yup. There was one in Hollywood that he was at.

Orange: They're doing the show tomorrow, but they're doing it again Matt & Trey from South Park. Personally, I'd rather go to the Kaiju Battle. I figure, that's where they'd be.

Ryan: Right, right, right...

Orange: I'm sorry. I know this isn't too much about Open Water, is it?

Ryan: We're so happy. We were on the phone with this guy, and we're both such big hockey fans...We were on the phone with this guy from Texas, and he asked one or two questions, and somehow it got into the Hockey thing. We spent the whole next twenty minutes talking about hockey. We were like, "We're so tired of talking about the shark movie. We'll talk about anything you want."

Orange: I was going to say, you're not Canadian...

Ryan: My whole family is Canadian. I was born in the states.

Orange: How did I know that?

Ryan: I don't know. Because I talk like a Canadian, probably?

Orange: The Super Trooper guys aren't from Canada, are they?

Ryan: No, they're from Colgate...

Orange: Colgate? Where is that?

Ryan: It's in upstate New York. Yeah. A university.

Travis: We're both border people. I'm from Michigan.

Ryan: We're both close to the homeland.

Orange: So, you both cheer for the same team?

Ryan: No.

Orange: How did you both get on the phone at the same time? A conference call?

Travis: We'd switch off...

Orange: So, you guys are doing all of these interviews together?

Travis: Yeah.

Orange: Are you doing a press junket for this, or anything?

Ryan: What we have this week is LA. The following week is New York, and then Toronto, Vancouver, London...

Orange: So, is this the end of the day for you?

Ryan: No, we have the panel, and then the autograph signing.

Orange: Last night, I was drinking some beer, and I didn't know what to ask. I was really worried about talking to you guys. I was scared.

Ryan: Because some people get real crotchety about the, "You didn't see my movie?" thing.

Orange: Not only that, but I didn't know who you guys were. Not to be rude.

Ryan: Of course. No one knows who we are.

Orange: I kind of remembered your picture from the interview I read. But, when you came in, I thought you were with the rest of those people.

Ryan: Don't worry about it.

Orange: Well, I've never seen him before either. The poster is like two wet people out in the ocean...Oh, but I need some exclusive...Something, I guess...

Ryan: Exclusive what?

Orange: A scoop...

Ryan: You want a scoop? Something we haven't told anyone else?

Orange: Yeah, we're big on that kind of thing. I guess its important to a website.

Ryan: How about...We drank a bottle of Absolute between the two of us before our nude scene.

Orange: Really? You haven't told anybody about that?

Ryan: No.

Travis: You told me you weren't going to tell anyone about that, either...

Orange: Yeah, I got an exclusive!

Ryan: You did.

Orange: You're not going to tell anybody else then?

Ryan: I don't know. You got it first. I can't promise that I won't tell someone else now.

Orange: Oh, come on. You can't go around telling someone else. I don't know where the computer is. I can't get it in there fast enough.

Travis: We won't tell anybody else today...

Ryan: Times ah wasting, Orange. You better get it up there.

Orange: Quick, let me see if I have any more questions...

Ryan: Maybe Absolute will send us free Absolute...

Orange: (looking at my notes, unable to read them...) What does this say?

Travis: What was that?

Ryan: If we say we drank Absolute, maybe they'll send us some for free.

Orange: Okay, seafood?

Travis & Ryan: Love it.

Orange: And you still like it.

Travis: Yup, loved it down there.

Ryan: We ate seafood every night.

Orange: Where were you guys at?

Ryan: The Bahamas. We ate Grouper. Scampy. Blackened grouper, grilled grouper, grouper sandwiches...

Travis: There were actually a couple times when there was shark on the menu, and I couldn't come to eat that.

Orange: Because you liked the sharks so much?

Ryan: Well, they didn't eat us.

Travis: No, I was trying to be a little even.

Ryan: God bless the sharks. They're not doing anything wrong. They never do. Ever.

Orange: What kind of sharks were these?

Travis: Gray Reef Sharks and Bull Sharks.

Orange: Those are kind of small sharks?

Travis: Well, between 8 and 12 feet. Some of them were pretty big.

Orange: So, do you think this is the best shark movie since Jaws?

Ryan: Well, it has nothing to do with Jaws.

Travis: It's something that we're proud of. You can't compare them directly.

Ryan: I think cartoon sharks are not scary. I think they're kind of silly, and a little bit embarrassing. We have real sharks. I think real sharks are beautiful and fascinating. And our movie is not that much about the sharks.

Travis: It's more about the relationship aspect.

Orange: I just can't imagine sitting in the ocean like that.

Ryan: It's the freakiest thing I've ever done in my whole life.

Orange: Well, I guess I can end it there.

Ryan: Well, if you see the movie and you have other questions, please call.

Orange: Okay. I am seeing it on Tuesday.

Travis: Great.

Ryan: Yeah, if you want to know anything else, just get in contact with us.

Orange: Okay, it was awfully nice meeting you two. Good luck.

Travis: Thank you...

Blanchard and Daniel were the two nicest people I met all weekend at the Comic-Con.

And with that, I was out the door and down the Hall to the next one...

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