The funniest, and possibly most action-packed panel at this year's torture-fest known as The San Diego Comic-Con just happened to be held by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim guys. ...

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Late Saturday Night, I wearily wobbled into this last discussion group, right before ending my trip with the cast of Fantastic Four. On hand for an extensive Q& A session were: Keith Crofford, Vice President of Adult Swim, acting as moderator. Matt Maiellaro, co-creator/writer of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake on Aqua Teens. Matt Thompson, co-creator/writer of Sealab 2021. Kate Miller, voice of Debbie on Sealab 2021. MC Chris (aka Chris Ward), prolific rapper who also voices MC Pee Pants on Aqua Teens and Hesh (Wants Sex) on Sealab. And Jackson Publick III, writer/producer of the new original series The Venture Bros. Also on hand were Mike Centernicolas, voice talent for The Venture Bros., and Mike Kayhill, the man responsible for Adult Swim's Black & White introduction cards...

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There is not a seat left in the house. This panel is louder than a rock show. A video comes on the screen. It's Master Shake. The audience literally explodes, as if witnessing the Beatles for the first time. Yes, the Aqua Teens are this huge...

Master Shake: Hello to you from the mean streets of Jersey, baby! I'm going to bust out some rhythms about the Adult Swim new line-up. So, uh...You know...Word up! (He starts rapping) Sealab and the Birdman are really keen. Let me tell you about some shows that you have not seen. Stroker & Hoop, about a talking car. Adventure Brothers. I haven't gotten too far. So watch that, it's only the first few minutes. (He starts talking to people in the audience...) I see you brother, please pay attention...You're distracting me lady. What are those? Funyuns? I can smell them from here. Have some respect. You know something? They said no pictures. Man, I totally lost the beat. Last night, I...

(Heavy guitar-rock music blares out of the speakers.)

Master Shake: What in God's name is that now?

(The Mooninites, Inignog (not sure of the spelling; forgive me) and Earl, arrive on the scene. Some of the dialogue is inaudible due to the roar of the crowd. I haven't heard an audience this loud since I saw the Darkness in May.)

Inignog: (Can't really make this part out, but it sounds like...) Let me see your fingers, Spider-legs! Put up your lighters, really. I know you're out there. Beyond the misty bog, light eternal folds. And Sam Hein will rule your brain. The Space Cadazz (I think that's what they're saying) and the Mooninites will unite in a battle of the ages. Yes. (There is a rock video with the Mooninites and the two aliens from Pluto joining forces...)

Inignog: Yes, we want the whole piece.

Earl: Yeah, man...We rock.

Master Shake: What is that? Space Cadazz? Is that even a show?

Inignog: Yes, cop. It is the bedrock upon which all other shows shall be built.

Earl: Welcome to the way, San Diego!

Inignog: Relinquish your brains, now.

(Meatwad rolls onto the scene. The crowd gives a very enthusiastic group yell...)

Meatwad: Hello, San Diego. I'm Meatwad. (He starts playing a tiny piano...) Happy Birthday too me. Happy Birthday too me. Happy Birthday...

(Master Shake destroys the piano...)

Meatwad: You did a song, now I get to do a song!

Master Shake: you're doing nothing but driving people away.

Inignog: You be quiet. This is our show...Beyond the Misty Bog...Do the guitar again...(The heavy guitar licks start again...) Beneath the mist, San Diego, lies a television show, in a time beyond time. Where there is nothing but big fists watching the show. Don't...Stop, Earl...(The guitar playing stops...) I've run out of things to say.

(There are some quick clips from the show. Then the video is over. The Adult Swim participants come onto the stage. The cheers are deafening...)

Keith Crofford: Thanks to Matt Maiellaro and the Aqua Teen crew for putting that together for us. (More cheers. Keith introduces the panel...) Now, lets get onto the shows. As you may or may not be aware, we have two DVDs that were just released this past Tuesday. One: Sealab 2021 Vol. One. It made its way up to number four on Amazon this week. And then Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 2, and I think it has past the Passion of the Christ. So, we're more popular than Jesus...But I want to talk to Matt Thompson and his crew with Sealab. Matt basically took the Space ghost conceit of repurposing old cartoon characters with his partner Adam Reed. They took it to the inth degree. Because, on Space Ghost, we only had one or two characters that we were repurposing and doing stupid stuff with every week. You know, talking to Celebrities...Matt and Adam took a whole cartoon. Thirteen half hour episodes of Sealab, 2020, which was produced in 1972, and basically gave the show a new life. They pitched us on the show. Matt and Adam worked for Cartoon Network back in the day, then went to New York. They went to work at Showtime, and a few other places, I believe. Then they sold the pilot to us. Matt, tell us a little bit about what you have going on here...

Thompson: I don't have anything, sorry...No, just kidding. It's great. I really love making these shows, and I'm glad that more than five people watch them. What's great about all these shows on Adult Swim is that they just don't make sense. Its like, "Well, that man's head exploded. Fantastic." I love that about all these shows. I'm just so constantly bored by everything that I see on television. Specifically, on our show, I can't speak for Matt Maiellaro, but a lot of times we fail in what we're trying to do. But that's because we're trying to do something that's weird and different. Hopefully you don't see it coming down the road. You know? When Grace walks in the door, and Will's standing there, you know what she's going to say five seconds before she says it. Hopefully, for all these Adult Swim shows, you don't know what someone's going to say two minutes from now. Because his head might explode. And I love that. It makes all these shows, for me, interesting and fresh. And that's exactly how we write them. I have no idea what's going to happen next. And, uh...Somebody...Our show, specifically, gets reworked and reworked by a group of really cool guys. And somebody will just say something, and it will completely change the course of how something's bound to go. Other than that, Adam Reed...I made the show with him. Chris Ward, as you all know, is Hesh. The cool thing about whenever we record Chris for Hesh...This mic is giving off an echo. It's pretty cool..."Today, I am the luckiest man in the world!"

Chris Ward: Hesh wants sex!

Kate Miller: Who doesn't?

Crofford: The first season of Sealab was produced in New York, because Matt and Adam were living out there at the time. They have since moved to Atlanta. Tell us how you hooked up with Kate and Chris?

Thompson: Let me tell you how I hooked up with Kate...I saw her...No, original, and I hate to say this because it's heresy; there was a different voice for Debbie. Nobody...

Miller: Gasp, gasp...

Thompson: She was this sultry singer I knew in New York, she sorta sings torch songs. You actually hear here right now on all of MTV's bumps. She's a really cool girl.

Miller: But not as cool as me. I'm joking...

Thompson: I was talking to some people at the agency that Kate is represented by, and they said, "You should hear her, instead." But we were like, "We already got a Debbie. That is done. I'm moving on." Then I heard her voice, and I stalked her. Then I asked her to have my baby.

Miller: Do you remember that I had just had surgery on my face? Because I broke my nose three times. And I had this huge cast and cotton packed up my nose. I was in surgery for five hours. And the final call back...You weren't there, but Adam was there...I had black eyes, and this huge cast on my face. And I had to scream my head off. It was awfully painful. I'm glad I got it. I suffered for my art. And I got the gig.

Thompson: And Chris actually started making the show with us in New York. My partner Adam met Chris at an Upright Citizens Brigade show. Chris use to perform there, at that theater. Then Chris came to work for us. We just loved his voice so much. This Hesh character wasn't...We had no plans to have a character named Hesh in the show. And then Hesh went away for a while. He went away...

Ward: (Screaming in character) IT WAS REALLY TOUGH!!

Thompson: He went away for a little while, but he's been in almost every one of the last six episodes we just made. One of the reasons we really enjoy the character Hesh so much is because Chris makes things up. He makes really great things up, and sometimes, it works really, really well. How did you meet Adam that night?

Ward: I can drink a pint of Beer in under five seconds. And I basically saw them at Rick's Ballroom, and I didn't know who they were. And I didn't have any money. So I was like, "Hey, I can do this trick. If I do it, will you pay for my beers?" And they're like, "Uh, okay." So I did that about twelve times. Then I guess I was wasted, and funny, and now I'm talking to three thousand people.

Crofford: We've been running a bunch of new Sealabs all at once, and the last one, for awhile, will be premiering tomorrow night, at 11:45. And then we have a new batch coming in November. November 14th, I believe...We'd like to show you a little clip from tomorrow night's episode...

(The clip is shown. It features the Death Star of David. You kind of have to see it for yourself to understand...They audience loves it...)

Crofford: Tomorrow night at 11:45. Don't miss it. Matt, do you have anything you want to say?

Thompson: It's so sad that I said, (referring to a line used in the clip) "I'm going to f*ck him in the face." That's just terrible. He was just a cute little guy. I love him. Uh, what do I?

Crofford: In that case, we'll speak to Maiellaro...Oh, I forgot to mention when introducing Matt, that not only is he one of our great writers, he's also the lead guitarist at Williams Street, and he played the guitar that you saw on the piece at the very beginning...So, Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD 2, we've got new shows coming August 15th at midnight. And Matt Maiellaro, why don't you tell us a little bit about what we're looking forward to this season...

Maiellaro: All right. I think we're doing thirteen of them this year. I think about three of them have already aired. We were working on the show when Dave had his baby. We've managed to round up Ted Nugent this year. And Sarah Silverman. And that guy from Kids in the Hall. I don't know his name, but he's really funny...

Miller: Scott Thompson.

Maiellaro: Yeah. He's going to be playing a woman who works for the city, and is a stripper by night. You know, Aqua Teen is just so...It's a machine. I don't know what's up with that show. We just started doing it, and now it's like we do it in our sleep. We start on Monday, and by Friday, it's done. The script is already recorded. We spend about an hour doing that. Then we call Dana. And who knows where the Hell he is. Dana is all over the map doing Vaudeville shows.

Crofford: Matt, how did you guys find Dana?

Maiellaro: Oh, we put out this casting call. We got about ten auditions. Everyone's coming back going, (as if stuffy and regal) "Oh, Master Shake..." And it was really retarded, so...Somebody knew Dana. And Dana was like; I think I'll give these guys a call. He's like, "Hey, I heard you're looking for this voice." And that was all we had to hear. So I hired him.

Crofford: So, Dana...

Dana Snyder: Yes? Hi, everybody...Oh, I see that echo you were talking about. Yeah, I auditioned for them. I went to college with someone that went to high school with Dave. That's it. I did it over the phone, though. It was like two o'clock in the morning. On their answering machine. They had sent me a paper and said, "Hey, read this." It was the scene in the mall, with some hairy rabbit. I had no idea what was going on. I didn't know what anything looked like. What it was supposed to be. So, I went out and had a couple of beers. Then, about three o'clock, I stumbled back into my dump, and the rest is her/story, I suppose.

Maiellaro: I also want to say that when we write these scripts, since we only write them in about an hour, we have such a great pool of voice talent, and editors, and producers...We can write this, and then go in and get Dana, and Dave, who does the voices of Carl and Meatwad...These guys bring so much more to it than what we write on the paper. We just give them an outline, and they go nuts. Sometimes, we're rewriting the show as we're recording it. And without them, it wouldn't be on a DVD.

Crofford: And Like I said, it's sometimes hard to track down Dana. I think we've recorded him in more cities than any other voice talent in the history of cartons. Sometimes Vegas, or Michigan, or New York...Atlanta...Whatever. So, uh, we have a clip to show...Mathew, do you want to set this up for us?

Maiellaro: This, well...This is the first script that we'd written out of about fifty-four that got killed by the network. They said, "No way are you making this." It had some religious overtones that we somehow managed to work our way out of. And we'd already recorded Ted Nugent, and I had to figure this out. Because there was no way we could let this go. So we reworked some. We animated a guy in this show that you may recognize when he comes on. And that's all I have to say about it...

(They show the Aqua Teen Hunger Force clip. Frylock tells Meatwad that he is not allowed to say the name "Jesus" on TV. He then shows Meatwad a very funny instructional video about Standards and Practices which shows what you are not allowed to do or say. A Nun gets her head blown off by a shotgun, and a shower of blood spurts out of her head. This is bad. They repeat the clip, but instead of blood, this time a rainbow blasts its way out of her neck hole. Frylock and Meatwad then have a discussion about what, exactly, they should call Jesus, and how they should reference "black people." It's a very funny three-minute clip, and the audience loves it.)

Crofford: What are we calling this episode? Is it still the Nuge, or Gee-Whiz, or what is it being called this week?

Maiellaro: We renamed Jesus Gee-Whiz in this episode, because we're allowed to say that. And Ted Nugent is in the show. I don't know when this one airs...

Crofford: That would be August 22nd, at midnight. It's the second show of the new season. Did anyone recognize any other voices in the clip?

(The audience shouts out a name. It is not clearly understandishable, but the guy's first name is George. I didn't recognize the voice...)

Crofford: The one and only. Well, uh...That's the old stuff that you've been enjoying. Which is a testament to the DVD sales, and the ratings, which have been going up steadily since the Aqua Teens have been stripped. Now we have some new stuff. To kick it off, I think we'll just roll the next clip now...

(The next clip is an extended reel from the Venture Bros., a comedic take on the Johnny Quest esthetic. There are about sixty one-liner clips thrown into this tight, fast moving package. Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld, The Tick) plays the main character. I can't really describe this one. But it looks awesome...)

Crofford: We're trying something a little different. We're throwing some comedy into the Saturday night line-up now. And Venture Bros. will be our first Saturday night premiere, two weeks from tonight. August 7th, at 11 pm. I just met Mr. Jackson Publick today. He's kind of an elusive character. He's been sending us scripts and tapes, usually late, from all over the world. Tell us, Jackson, how you came up with this idea for the show...

Jackson Publick III: You're really asking where I get my ideas from?

Crofford: Yeah.

Publick III: I watched Johnny Quest once. Maybe a couple of times. I don't know; where does anybody get their ideas from? From the idea place. Inside my dream bucket. I don't know. Marvel Comics. Monty Python. Like anyone else, fighting madness. Everything that I watched when I was a kid had to crap itself out of my head. Hopefully you're all into the same things that I was...

Crofford: You worked on the Tick, I believe?

Publick III: Yes.

Crofford: This show is produced out of New York. The New York supervisors are really doing a great job for us. We're really excited to get a new show. It is a half hour. It's going to be on every Saturday, repeating on Sundays at twelve-thirty. Mike, how did you get hooked up with the show?

Mike Centernicolas: I was fleeing a band of attacking Ninja, and I had a friend at Noodle Soup, and they were auditioning people, and I had just been working on some other shows that day. Mostly Saturday morning stuff. I do that and anime. This is very different than what I'm used to doing. I got a call from a friend who works at the studio, and they called me up and asked me if I would come and audition. I had no idea what they were looking for. I knew that it was an Adult Swim show, and I'd been doing Ninja Turtles, and I knew this was younger market stuff. I was a little nervous. I came in, I went in the closet, and part way through I saw Miguel sort of weirdly shaking his head. And I was like, "Oh, I'm blowing it. What am I supposed to do?" And then, before I was finished, he said, "No, we don't have to go any further. Because we have to end." And that's how it happened.

Publick III: The thing is, one of our animation guys is really good friends with him. And he's done all these things. Mike actually looks like the character he plays on the show. And he is a professional voice actor. And I was not told this. It was twelve hours before we were going to record the pilot, and I was just calling all my friends going, "Do you sound like Dean? Can you play a sixteen year old boy?" So, five minutes before the end of the day, someone says, "Hey, how about Mike Centernicolas?" And when this guy said, "Hello." I knew he'd be perfect...

Mike Centernicolas: Are you saying that I had you at Hello?

Publick III: Totally. I was going to get Mathew Erickson. He's another comic book artist. I was going to get a comic book artist to do a television show voice. You guys get PAs to do voices...

Crofford: Yeah, everyone does voices. Why don't you run down the rest of your cast? Tell us who else is in your show...

Publick III: Brack Sampson is played by Patrick Warburton. He has done some TV and some films. Dr. Richards is played by James Arbainiack, who you've probably never heard of. James is amazing. He's a New York theater guy. And he was in American Splendor. He played Crumb in American Splendor. And he's dashing. Then there's you (to Mike), and then there's me.

Crofford: I think you guys are really going to love this show. There are a lot of great villains. Great villains make a great show, and there is a new one every week. There will be a couple that come through, repeating throughout the season. Which one is your favorite?

Publick III: The Monarch, obviously.

Crofford: Right.

Publick III: Because he's petty. And he's deadly, right? We'll have to see. Have you guys seen the pilot...(About 1/3 of the audience cheers) Did you like it? (The adulation is even louder this time) You get chocolate...

(Publick throws candy to the audience...A piece hits a kid in the eye...)

Publick III: Oh, my god. We just hit that kid in the eye.

Miller: Are you bored, little honey?

Ward: Everyone say hello to my God Daughter.

Crofford: So, once again, that will be the Venture Bros., starting in a couple of weeks. On Saturday night at 11 o'clock. Don't miss it. We have a couple more things coming. We'll run those down real quick and show you a couple more clips. In November, we have some new action. Guns in the Shell. At 11:30, starting November 6th, we have Full-Metal Alchemists. We've got New Family Guys coming (the roar is huge; MC Chris Ward falls backwards in his chair...) Some other new shows we got coming up, we just recently signed some deals with Seth Green. He's got a stop-motion animation project coming up. This is going to be a pretty neat show. I think some of Seth's writers are here. It's going to be kind of like a stop motion Saturday Night Live. Hopefully a lot of funny stuff going on. The Standards and Practices clips you saw with the Aqua Teens? They are going to go crazy with this show, because we are going to push them, and legal as well, to the inth degree, and possibly even further. That show's coming up in 2005. Also, another new show that will be coming soon, hopefully in November, is Tom goes to the Mayor. That's Tim and Eric from, they are producing this. They are taking limited animation to a new level. I guess you could say. Bob Odenkirk is working on this (huge applause). So, look for that in November. We also have a new show that is being produced at Williams Street right now, and we're going to be premiering it on August 1st, at 11:30. It is a new half hour. We've picked it up for a series. We're just going to show the pilot next week, but we're going to show you a little clip. They are feverously finishing the pilot for air next week. They couldn't be here because they are finishing the pilot tonight, back in the lab. They'll probably turn it in around eight or nine o'clock on Friday night. For Sunday air, next week...Let's take a look...Stroker & Hoop.

(They show the clip. It is about two guys hunting a Goth Girl in the woods. She is possessed by a demon. She attacks the two bounty hunters, and they get in a talking car voiced by Master Shake's Dana Snyder. I think it looks pretty cool.)

Crofford: As you can tell, they're mixing it today; that is still a work in progress. Still, there is some animation coming in...

(Someone way in the back of the crowd yells, "You can do better!" The audience gasps!!!)

Thompson: Is that the Elvis Stormtrooper guy? Cause, you are awesome.

Crofford: Maybe that was a Spike TV executive. I don't know.

Miller: Everybody, be nice...

Ward: We hate the Travel Channel, too...

Crofford: Stroker and Hoop, August 1st at 11:30. And then priemering as a regular series in 2005. And now, finally, we have one final new thing happening at Williams Street. We are going to give you just a little taste right now...

(They show a clip from Squidbillys. Two Hillbilly Squid sits on a porch. The Grandma is hanging from a walker. She falls off a couple times. The other Squid sits on the porch with a shotgun, chewing straw. He spits. This clip lasts a long two minutes. And that is all that happens in the clip.)

Crofford: That will be coming to series next year. I want to run down a laundry list thing for the DVD folks, and the toy folks. As you know, we have the Aqua Teen DVD out now, released this week. Volume 2. We have Sealab Volume 1. Coming in November, we have Space Ghost Volume 2, Aqua Teens Volume 3. In February we have the Brack Show Volume 1; also we have Sealab Volume 2. Then in April of next year, we have Space Ghost Volume 3. Birdman Volume 1. And I want to announce that there is a Master Shake prototype toy that will be raffled off at the Pacific Palisades booth tomorrow. Be sure to go by there and enter. Now we will take some questions...

Q: Did you guys really order 96 episodes of the Squidbillys?

Crofford: Yeah. We did. Actually...That was a typo. We actually ordered 196.

Thompson: They're so easy to do.

Q: This question is for Michael. I really like the black & white cards that you do. My favorite one is the one where you go, "The Cold War is over..." But I don't really understand it. I was wondering if you could explain it to us?

Mike Kayhill: Actually, we don't really understand it either. We had a bunch of weird little animal cutouts. And there were a bunch of pictures we had painted on the wall of Williams Street. We, being cheap as hell, ran around and took the pictures, and stuck it together in about four and a half hours one afternoon. And we thought it was really good. So, there's probably going to be a lot more of those if we get the time to do them. But I can't really tell you what it means. And that's about all I can get out of that...

Thompson: I really like those cards, too. We like them so much; we actually put them at the end of one of our episodes. I don't remember which one it was. It was the one about ASHDTV. We put it at the end of an episode...Did you guys put your own card after it?

Kayhill: No. I thought that was an error when I saw it on air. I was like, "We didn't make that card." But we liked it.

Thompson: He likes it. Yah!

Crofford: Before there are any more questions, they told me that anybody who asks a question, you need to sign a release. They're going to use the footage from the questions on some future project. So, please go over there and sign that release.

Miller: Terms and Conditions.

Thompson: We will take your blood.

Q: I just want to say, I can't believe you guys replaced Capt. Murphy on Sealab 2021. It seemed sort of Unpatriotic. Sort of like replacing George W. with some other loser out there.

Miller: Do you know why?

Q: It had something to do with the voice actor?

Thompson: Yes. The voice actor died.

Miller: Harry Goz. Our beloved Harry Goz passed away.

Thompson: He was a wonderful guy.

Miller: His son is now the voice of...

Q: My bad. I'm sorry.

Miller: No, that's okay.

Thompson: When Harry died, we didn't want to replace the character. I didn't want him to be a new voice, or anything like that. It would have just made me sad, to change the character from what this guy did, you know? It's kind of like his own little creation, to some extent. I couldn't bring myself to say, "Okay, Capt. Murphy's voice changed, but he's the same guy." We're kind of finding our legs with this Capt. Shanks. And he's growing all the time. We're trying to figure out who he is. We have one thing that hasn't made it into the show yet. But I want to give him a little secret self-beating that he does to himself all the time. Where he's whipping himself for how fat he is. He's like, "No cake for fatty!" Just give him five freaking seconds before you crap on him. It's Goz's son doing the voice for him, and I think it will take a second...

Miller: We also didn't want to bum everybody out, like the fans.

Thompson: We're also thinking about bringing that Stormtrooper Elvis onto the show.

Miller: Yes, he is fabulous.

Q: You guys are masters of cheap animation. Do you ever see yourselves selling out in the future? What would it take?

Crofford: How much do you have?

Q: I don't know what happened to the Oblongs, but if you could maybe run that instead of Baby Blues? (The audience cheers...)

Crofford: There are a limited number of all those shows. 13 I think. They wear out over time. We try to refresh them and bring back other shows. But, a lot of people watch Baby Blues. We go by the rating that we get everyday. We look at that daily report card, and Baby Blues pulls a good number...So, I don't understand it. But somebody is watching it.

Q: At any point, are we going to hear the history of the Aqua Teens?

Maiellaro: The movie will explain everything.

Snyder: Which we are not doing. We're trying to convince them to do it, but every time we say, "Let's do a movie!" They say, "You guys need to work on that Squidbillys script."

Maiellaro: We think it's spelled out pretty clearly, in the credits, where they came from. You don't ever want to know. It keeps you watching. Even though it's the same credit sequence over and over. Sometimes, something might change in that credit sequence. Look for that.

Q: A two-part question: One, what ever happened to Marco? And, part two is, please; please make new episodes of Space Ghost.

Crofford: We just had a new episode. It was our tenth anniversary on April 15th. We ran a never before seen episode, never to be seen again. It was one of these episodes that we could never quite figure out, so we showed an Avid cut, I think.

Maiellaro: Yeah, we did. There's a little rumor about one a year.

Crofford: We can't kill the guy. But we will be making one a year. We'll see. Or something like that. What was your first question?

Q: Marco?

Thompson: We're not sure what's going on with Marco right now. We became kind of unhappy with the direction of that character. We've been thinking about it a lot. We kind of lost interest in him. What we've been doing, something that is brand new over the last couple of episodes, is something that we're pretty excited about. Marco died, doing something he loved. Putting his human penis in a shark. It turns out, and I'm going to totally ruin this episode for you right now...Don't listen if you want to watch it. This will ruin it...At the end of the episode, Marco's bastard son shows up, and his name is Sharko. He's half shark, half man. He comes walking up to everyone at Sealab, "Hi, are you my dad?" He's looking for his dad. He keeps repeating that over and over again. And I think that will be more interesting than Marco. Who, I don't know, we kind of wrote it into a corner. He's just a tough guy. And that's it-Ah!

Q: How do you respond to other networks coping your vibe?

Thompson: I say we kick all their asses, basically. Imitation is the best form of flattery, I guess. I don't know. If anything, it should make the television wasteland more interesting. And we're doing our part.

Q: (Guy doing a really bad imitation of Meatwad) There were a lot of us that were hoping to see Meatwad.

Ward: That sounds like Meatwad is retarded.

Thompson: You win.

Crofford: Don't make him sign a release, please...

(The bad Meatwad imitator slinks off to the release form lady...)

Q: I'm wondering if there's a chance we will see Home Movies again?

Crofford: There are fifty-two home movies, so you will be seeing them again. Don't worry. Those episodes will be back on the air.

Q: I work in a bar in Portland, Oregon. We show Adult Swim on Sunday nights...How about an Adult Swim drinks across America Tour?

Thompson: I started it off in Tijuana around midnight, last night...

Q: We got Futurama, We got Family Guy, can we expect to see The Simpsons anytime soon?

Crofford: No. Last time I looked, they're still making the Simpsons. There's a deal that Fox has with their affiliates. That the Simpsons stays on their affiliates as long as they're making new ones. We'd love to have the show, but they're still making new ones. I'm sure, one day, twenty years from now, when Matt's retired and no longer making new episodes, we'll jump all over it....Hopefully before that.

Q: Can you give us any details on the upcoming episodes of The Family Guy?

Crofford: I know they just started production. All I know, quite frankly, because Fox is producing it, so we don't really see too much of it at this point, is that Drew Barrymore is starring in the first episode...

Ward: There will be non-sequitors.

Q: Will they go to you guys, or will they go to Fox first?

Crofford: That's still up in the air. I think fox will have to take a play in this one. It's their prerogative. They haven't decided. But we will get the show at sometime...

Q: I love Adult Swim and everything, but was that a whole episode of Squidbillys?

Crofford: 96 him. No, the show is still being developed.

Miller: That was a teaser.

Thompson: Yeah, there's a grandmother. There's RV, and there's his son, Donny. And then there's an entire town. There's all kinds of stuff that's going to happen in the show. We keep working on it, and reworking on it. I think we've finally figured out how to take it all back to ground zero.

Miller: We're getting upstaged at the moment...

(Cos-Play Characters featuring everyone from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, including a "real-life" Carl, come walking into the stadium, along with Harvey Birdman and his wife...)

Miller: Next...

Q: (Another Meatwad imitator approaches the Mic. This guy is actually good...) Hey, MC Pee Pants...I still want candy, man!

Ward: (Rapping) I want candy, bubblegum and taffy...(The audience noise drowns out the rest of the performance...)

Q:Okay, next question...Are there going to be any more cross-overs, like the Sealab-Aqua Teen video game?

Crofford: We might have a little something going on with Debbie and Carl over there.

Miller: Debbie's always game.

Crofford: Okay, that's it for the questions. Thank you all for coming out...

(The audience gives a standing ovation. The panel leaves.)

Stay tuned for full transcripts of the Friday the Thirteenth panel, Pixar interviews, more from Lions Gate, and Lloyd Kaufman...