Thursday, July 20th marks the opening day of Comic-Con, the largest comic book and pop culture event in the North America.

Most of the major Hollywood studios are showcasing their upcoming films and television programs that fall into the superhero/action/sci-fi/animation genre.

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MovieWeb will be at the convention full-force with wall-to-wall coverage on upcoming movies and TV programs, DVD goodies, interviews with actors and filmmakers, and gossip about possible movie projects!

To coincide with the launch of Comic-Con, Movieweb has launched a sister movie-related website called to specifically focus on superhero/comic/sci-fi movies.


Some of the higher-profile films we will be covering (on both and are:

Spider-Man 3


Ghost Rider

The Grudge 2


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

...and more!

Comic-Con is now in its 37th year and the convention is huge with over 600 hours of programming on all aspects of comic books and pop culture, including breaking into the comic book business, filmmaking seminars, movies, interactive multimedia and Japanese Animation.

Over 104,000 people attended the event last year and the convention utilizes the entire San Diego Convention Center including 460,000 square feet of exhibit space and two floors of meeting space. Comic-Con has converted one exhibit hall to create a 6,500 seat theater. Comic-Con features all major comic book publishers, major toy and gaming companies, movie studios and much more.

Stay tuned as we will be posting all the juicy tidbits of information from Comic-Con.