In Crank, the new action extravaganza from Lionsgate, Jason Statham plays a hitman with a lot of enemies who only has 90 minutes to figure out who killed him. Jason was on hand just a few short minutes ago to tell us a little bit about the film here at Comic-con.

So, do you ever stop running in this film?

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Jason Statham: Run, run, run...Fucking run. That's what the movies about. If you stop you die. I had the director poking me with a stick, "Don't you stop running!" I didn't ever get a day off. Except sunday. But that was everybody's day off. I didn't get any special treatment, and I was on set every day.

Did you ever take a break on set?

Jason Statham: As long as they didn't have to revive me with oxygen, we just kept shooting. A lot of the time the director was on rollerblades, shooting. And he's in good shape. I had to keep up with him. I nearly turned green and landed in my own puke.

Was this more difficult The Transporter?

Jason Statham: It was certainly more dangerous. We really pushed the boundaries. We shot everything inside the camera. We didn't use any green screen. I did most of my own stunts.

What do you like about the action genre?

Jason Statham: I like doing a film like this because it breaks new boundaries. This is pure action. It's old school with no wires. What excites me is the stunt work. The stunts in Crank are very realistic. We had to put the camera in danger, kind of like Mad Max.

Where did this idea come from?

Jason Statham: I think it came about while the writers were drinking. In a bar. That's the truth.

Did you drink any Red Bull on set?

Jason Statham: I had a certain amount. There's a scene where, to keep my heartbeat high, I squeak into a garage and chug Red Bull and pep pills.

Your films usually have a surprise ending. Is there one in Crank?

Jason Statham: If I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise. The surprise is that there is no surprise.

What do you think about the comparisons to Speed?

Jason Statham: That comparison is fine. That's a bus that blows up and this is a person. It's kind of a funny comparison, really.

Where did you meet the writers?

Jason Statham: In a bar. Getting me involved was very exciting for them. They realized I was the only actor that could do this. American Actors are soft. You can actually believe that this is me doing this stuff.

Do you get all greased up in this film, to keep with the themes of homoeroticism that appeared in The Transporter films?

Jason Statham: I do get all greased up. Yeah. You're going to be surprised. There's a 14 page sex scene. I really didn't know how they were going to shoot that.

Can you tell us anything about the Brazilian Job?

Jason Statham: There's been a lot of talk. I think we make a great team. I would love to do that if it came along. I'd be excited.

What about a Transporter 3?

Jason Statham: If the fans want it, maybe. One thing at a time, you know? You guys control that. If you want that, than we'll probably do that.

The director of The Transporter 2 is doing Hulk 2. Has he offered you a role yet?

Jason Statham: Yeah. He wants me to be the Hulk's Hairdresser.

Crank comes to theaters September 1st, 2006.