Today at the 2006 Comic-Con International we sat on a panel for one of television's most addictive shows, Lost.

Opening the festivities, moderator Karen Allison treated us to some "video biscuits" that are going to be on the Lost: The Complete Second Season - The Extended Experience. First off we were shown what looked like a game that dealt with "Observation," "Conditioning" and "Conclusion." After that we were shown a humorous breakdown of a fight scene between Josh Holloway and Jorge Garcia. We were treated to scenes of a fight being shot and then shown Garcia watching his body double from a distance. Lastly, we were shown a segment titled The Whole Truth in which the characters of Sun and Jin Kwon were examined. The DVD also comes with an entire clip of all of Sawyer's (Holloway) insults.

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After that, executive producer Bryan Burk, executive producer Carlton Hughes, producer Damon Lindelof, Daniel Dea Kim (Sun) and Edgar Garcia (Hugo Reyes) took the stage. They began thanking the fans for all their support and then delved into the question of how much of the show is preordained.

"We find out two or three days before when we're given the script." Laughed Garcia. Producer Carlton Hughes then went on to explain how the arcs are plotted out. He cited the film scores of John Powell as something that drives his inspiration.

"I love him as a composer." He stated.

"Music is too much of distraction for me." Offered Damon Lindelof. He went on to say that fan input has a lot to do with how the show goes. "We use fans as the baramoter because we're wrapped up in our cocoon of a show."

The topic next moved to the show not getting any Emmy nominations this year.

"We were disappointed and a little bit surprised." Lindelof said. "I just don't know if that committee really cares for Science Fiction. Afterall where was Battlestar Galactica?"

The producers quickly moved into talking about the highly anticipated Third Season of the show.

"We're definitely having more relationships this season. There's a reason why Daniel and Jorge are sitting together now."

After discussing some of the fan inspired ideas of just what exactly the show is about, a fan got up and demanded that the subject matter of Lost was real. What began as some lighthearted banter, soon turned a bit strange as even the panel no longer seemed in on the joke. Or, perhaps they all are really good actors?

Next up was the topic of some soon to be launched webisodes which are going to be available through Verizon Wireless. The main issue is that everyone on the panel wants them to be something the fan's are going to be excited about downloading.

Another topic was that of turning the show into a movie and keeping the series going.

"When a show gets good ratings it's a catch twenty-two. We have probably five awesome seasons planned out. We just don't want to do a tap dance act thinking about them." Lindelof stated.

A fan then requested some information on the Lost videogame.

"We want there to be a mystery but everything that makes the show what it is will be there."

They ended the panel by telling us that some of Cynthia's blanks are going to be filled in on Season 3. Also, the show's creator J.J. Abrams is going to cowrite the premiere and direct some episodes. The first of these episodes is going to be titled "A Tale for Two Cities."