The excitement has not died down yet from Comic-Con 2006, as we're bringing you even more coverage of the weekend starting with Warner Bros. horror The Reaping.

The film stars Hilary Swank, Anna-Sophia Robb, and about a million locusts swarming the hot and sticky New Orleans swamplands. During the Comic-con panel, we were treated to the first look trailer for the film, which looked absolutely freaky. Hilary is a 'miracle debunker' who sets out in New Orleans to find out why the small town is being infected with plague-like conditions.

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The trailer featured some real and fake locusts, great special effects and a really creepy reddish tint - I think the colored tint really helped in the scariness of the film. The film is rated PG-13, but after Hostel, the line between R and PG-13 is gone.

During the panel discussion, Hilary, Anna-Sophia, director Stephen Hopkins, and producer Joel Silver (a very good friend to Comic-Con) sat up on stage and took questions from the fans. Joel first mentioned that he wanted to pick the film up for his Dark Castle company because "This script was so creepy, and the fact that we were going to shoot in Louisiana."

The production actually shot in New Orleans during the crisis of Hurricane Katrina, and aiding in the efforts by giving up their generators and radios to the rescue and recovery efforts. Stephen Hopkins mentioned how much that changed the production schedule. "The crew lost a lot of equipment, many of them were New Orleans natives and lost everything, they had no electronics, nothing."

Hilary gave one of the best quotes I've heard in a long time. "Nothing is as it seems in life." It really defined the entire film all at once. She really found the script as one of the best she'd ever read. "I read lots of scripts, and this one was really great."

Anna-Sophia signed on because she wanted to work with Hilary and to get involved in the horror genre. "It was fun because it was something I had never done before. She also had to endure the wrath of the locusts. "Yeah, they would have me stand there and throw the locusts on me and see if I would flinch."

Hilary jumped in with "You made friends with the locusts." Anna agreed; "Yeah, they were great!"

Joel actually chose Stephen Hopkins because of his relationship from 16 years ago; the two worked together on "Predator 2" and obviously worked well together, and Joel knows how much dedication Stephen has on a project. Stephen spoke with real miracle debunkers to get their opinions and experiences. And of course, Hilary is the ultimate of researchers for a role; "I started reading 'Skeptical Enquirer' - I didn't know there was anything like that out there."

The Reaping looks like it can be a powerhouse thriller/horror for the fall; it hits theaters November 8th.