Director Sam Raimi confirmed at the 2006 Comic-Con International that Venom will be the big villian in Spider-Man 3 movie as Topher Grace will be donning the black suit.

Sam spoke with us at the roundtables and confirmed his big announcement before telling the crowd for the panels. He'll be keeping the look of Venom very close to what fans are used to. "We had different looks for Venom, but Avi Arad (executive producer) wants to stay classic." He also mentioned the fact that there was a very big artistic challenge for the shots with Topher changing from Eddie Brock to Venom.

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We were also treated to some footage at the panels - an extended and all new trailer. It looked a little unfinished, but absolutely amazing. Venom closed the trailer showing his wide open mouth equipped with spiked teeth and massive tongue.

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